Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Three Months of Jaw Surgery Recovery

Okay, this post is about two weeks late, but here's the three month update as to jaw surgery and genioplasty recovery.

My main concerns throughout the process have been appearance and eating. From the six week mark I was able to start eating again but found eating to be a ridiculous and painful experience - and five weeks of swallowing all my food whole meant that I had become so stupidly good at it that my brain didn't see the point of attempting to chew when I knew I could probably just swallow it in a far quicker amount of time!

However - chewing food has become much more natural and automatic again, however I do still struggle with it quite a bit. Some foods are just really difficult to eat, and they aren't always the ones you expect - for example, for some reason bacon is incredibly painful for me to eat and I'm not entirely sure why. Krave cereal is ridiculously difficult for me to eat, again for reasons that I can't explain. It's all a bit bizarre. The other week I sort of forgot about the surgery and attempted to eat a segment from a chocolate bar and it was a really depressing experience as try as I might I couldn't bite into it but had already shoved the whole thing in my mouth and had to sort of sit there with it in my mouth and wait for it to soften up a bit - thankfully I was on my own because I'm sure it looked super attractive. My mouth doesn't open wide enough to eat a burger or a sandwich yet and I'm a little alarmed about that anyway because I basically have no idea how to use my front teeth. I guess because they haven't been used in years it feels unnatural and they're weak so I've randomly tried to bite into food using them and it's just felt wrong! However for the most part I now eat more or less normally although I'm quite a slow eater now, and if no one else is around I now eat with my mouth very slightly open as it's much easier for me that way. My jaw no longer gets jammed open, which is nice!

My speech is pretty much perfect now, although apparently my accent has changed very slightly. A few people have commented on this, again, no idea why!

Appearance wise - no obvious swelling any more. My lips still look slightly strained when they're closed, but they WANT to close, which I guess is the important distinction. So it looks a bit odd, but if I try to catch them out they're closed anyway nine times out of ten. My lip shape has changed a little bit. I think it looks odd, but that may be because I'm not used to it. Certainly no one has mentioned it to me as a negative, and in my line of work they definitely would... I should also note that most people don't appear to have noticed any difference, although a few people have mentioned that something has changed but they can't work out what it is. I think this is probably unusual though - I think in a way I was lucky as the amount my lower jaw moved forward is pretty much the exact same measurement as the amount my chin was moved back, and therefore it's hidden the fact that it has changed. I think people undergoing this should be prepared for more of a noticeable difference - I still notice loads of subtle changes, but in most people I think the overall facial differences are much greater.

I have never done any of the jaw exercises, I tend to just go with my normal routine. However I can tell you that it may be coincidence but excessive kissing seems to have helped the lips settle, so I guess I can always advise doing lots of kissy faces?! My jaw opens by just over two fingers, I guess it should probably open by more now but I'm not sure.

All my energy is back and it came back much quicker than I expected. I felt so awful for at least a month after surgery, but I managed to pass my annual fitness last month just fine! I've been back at work averaging 40-60 hours a week and it's actually been no problem at all. Because of the nature of my job I had longer off than most people I think at just over eight weeks so I was really worried about my energy levels returning but actually it was no problem at all.

As always, any questions, feel free to ask! :)

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  1. I am glad to hear that you are recovering well !

    xx, Charlie.


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