Monday, 2 March 2015

Our Day Trip to Whipsnade Zoo

All the pictures in this post are phone pictures, but if it helps I discovered that the panoramic picture option on my phone is pretty awesome and now long to take panoramic pictures all day long!

Anyway, as mentioned in my post last week, for Valentine's Day we made a trip over to Whipsnade Zoo. Neither of us had been, and as I've been a very frequent visitor to London Zoo over the last ten years or so, I was feeling pretty optimistic about what their other zoo was going to be like.

We arrived much later than planned after our traumatic driving experience (See this post!) so we were pretty worried about what the crowds were going to be like. But actually, we lucked out - it was seriously quiet all day, and the weather wasn't all that bad either!
My priority for the day was to watch the sealion show. I loved the sealion show at SeaWorld Orlando a few years ago and the one I watched in Spain a few years before that, so I was curious as to how a UK version would compare. We both really enjoyed it - the sealions were fun to watch and did some interesting things. It was their first show of the year and they did make a fair few mistakes, but that combined with the attitude of their trainer whenever they did it just made the show more entertaining, as he'd try and explain something just in time for a sealion to become distracted by something, fall off straight onto its face, and scare the other two into scooting off around the arena.

Next up we watched the bird show, which was also the first show of the year. The birds were equally unprepared and the first ten minutes of the show was spent trying to get a group of ducks to land and then to get back into their boxes. This was still quite an interesting one and the keepers were good, but hard to give a fair assessment of this one!

You get some great views from the zoo!

And the animals are lucky enough to get some great looking enclosures too. Here's the penguins, just before feeding time!

Leaving a cafe just in time to see the elephants going for a walk around the zoo!

Overall we had a good day at the zoo. There was a lot to see and we didn't get to finish everything. Food options were good and reasonably priced for a tourist attraction, although really disappointing tastewise! And there are some fun little extras - ie. we took a train around the safari section of the zoo. I was pleased to see some rhinos as I had only seen one before and that was a very sad looking ill one in Kenya, so it was nice to see some healthy looking ones. If you go when it's a bit warmer I'm sure you'd have a great time, as there were some brilliant looking enclosures but unfortunately for us the animals all seemed to be inside in the warm instead! We saw all of the big animals, but found a lot of people complaining around the wolves, bears etc that they couldn't actually see any of the animals. Which is true, we tried and couldn't either, but we didn't necessarily mind that as we'd prefer the animals have the option to get away from people if they want to - and as it was a cold day they probably decided hiding out was a better option!

You can get all the information here!

We ended our trip with a pub dinner nearby. He's from a different country entirely and within England has only really lived in London, but I'm from Kent originally and so it was nice to go to a more traditional pub. The food wasn't great but we really liked the atmosphere and staff and would definitely include a pub meal again if we were to return - which I think we will!

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  1. I agree with you, I rather not see all the animals because they prefer to stay indoors. Lovely pictures, looks like you had a fun day even if it wasn't warm.


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