Monday, 23 March 2015

So...Where have I been lately?

So far, this year has ended up being a very, very good year. Unfortunately, this means that I haven't been able to keep to my three times a week blog schedule, at all, and I'm not going to promise you that that's going to change any time soon because it almost certainly isn't going to happen straight away - however, what I am going to do is update you on what's been going on lately, and promise you that I'm at least going to commit to one post a week and ideally at least two - I'm going to be going with a bit more of a look at series based posts than I have been to keep myself on track at first, and then hopefully by then I'll be back on shifts and it'll all be easier again!

So here's where I've been...

First of all, I should probably tell you about someone who's been taking up a lot of time in my life lately. I'm not a relationship person, at all. I'm not good at them, they stress me out, and they take away from my free time in ways that I don't like. That, uh, sort of changed. From the very beginning of the year I've been seeing someone, and actually it's going really well. This is someone who was a good friend of mine for the past two years - Ironically, it turns out he'd been interested in me from the first time he met me, and I've been interested in him for about a year and a half or so, but we are both very different people so we both thought the other person would never be interested. I accidentally (genuinely) made a move on him at the beginning of the year and we've been together ever since. In a way it's been a bit of an odd one as we had perceptions of each other and why we wouldn't work that weren't quite true, and discovering more about this means we now like each other even more than we thought we did. I had thought that being friends for so long would have made things really boring for us, but actually it's all going really well. In a way, this does mean more posts - we're going to Guernsey in two weeks, California in a couple of months, and we're still planning for somewhere just after that and we are both big foodies who eat out a lot - unfortunately (well, I love it, but in terms of the blog) he spends a day a week at mine and I spend every weekend at his, and those were of course my prime blogging days - but I'm gonna make sure I find time. This will eventually be easier because...

I'm starting a new job. And it's been a really long application process. As many of you already know, I've been working two jobs for a while now. It means I work ridiculous hours but I was really used to it so somehow managed to make it work. Anyway, I have decided to go full time with the police side of things, and the interview process has been long and a bit complicated so there's been even more stuff to factor in. Anyway, I finally have a start date of next month (Clashing with my original California dates, naturally) and so things will be a bit easier as I'll know what's going on when and I won't be working multiple jobs any more. Eventually I'll be working rotating shifts, which actually means my blogging schedule will return to normal, as obviously sometimes I'll be working nights, evenings or other weird hours and I'll have slightly more days off as well, therefore it'll be much easier to fit in blogging time when everyone else is at work. However, because of the new job...

Fitness has become more of a priority. I'm such a slacker. So, I used to love doing my yoga and everything else. And then when I started applying for my new job, I knew I'd have to do the fitness test. So I went to the gym three times a week, worked really hard for it, passed the fitness test and, uh, stopped. Admittedly this is because I wasn't expecting my start date to be quite so soon, but alas, it is. Anyway, I'm back at the gym three times a week because not only is there another fitness test coming up but I obviously need to make sure I'm always at full fitness for it. So that's taken a bit of a priority again - obviously when I'm working shifts it'll be easier, because again I'll just go when everyone else is at work.

Going forward, I hope to be posting at least once, ideally twice a week. I know I need to be scheduling in more time to work on this blog and I'll be doing that - and it'll be so much easier now I know my schedule for the next couple of months. Plus I'll be on higher pay, which means I can go back to doing more fashion posts - and finally I can buy that Oasis dress I want without waiting for it to go into the sale...!


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