Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Life Lately

As mentioned in my last life update, this month has been so much busier than expected. And it has been taking much more of a toll in more than I thought it would!

So, at the beginning of this month I started a new job. It involves a very long (as in, months) training process and I really was not looking forward to the return of exams and study and all else that it entails. But actually, it's been fine.

Okay, let's be honest - on the one hand, it really sucks. I don't like exams. I don't like roleplay. I don't like studying, and making notes, and I don't like what I consider to be hours of sitting around doing nothing. But what I have liked is making lots of new friends, with three in particular that I really like and think very highly of, and a fair few more than I think will become good friends over time.

The exams have been going well - I've passed everything, and have had good feedback. But ugh, the stress, and so so tiring!

My commute has grown as well - my previous commute was about twenty minutes door to door. Now it's an hour on the way in, and more than that on the way home, and I'm SO TIRED by the time I make it home. I have a bit of an annoying commute as it's a bus and then two tubes, so I can't even really just relax on them as I'm having to constantly stay focused to make sure I make my change, and then I don't get a seat, etc etc...! Last Friday I went out to the pub after work with some new work buddies and that was the first time I've had the energy to do it - even then I had to be persuaded, and went straight to bed at 9pm the moment I got in!

As I said last month, fitting in the blogging time has got a bit harder as a result, but I think I'm at a point where my energy is coming back a bit (as I write this I'm preparing to go to a yoga class in a minute - my first time stepping in a gym since starting as the energy has just not been there!) and I'm learning what days and times and hours I'm better and worse on so know when I'll be able to write posts. Judging by my planning for the next month, it's got a bit more consistent again :) Now I just have to work in fitting in old friends, fitting in new friends, and fitting in more fun experiences once again!

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