Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My Little Super Box - April 2015

I should start by saying I was so excited when I opened up my post and saw that this months theme was My Little SuperBox. I thought it was such a cool theme and I loved the originality of it and the fact that there were so many different ways they could use the theme.

As always there is the My Little World magazine. Instead of the normal little card, this month we got some superhero stickers. If I was still in teaching this would probably be pretty useful to me if only to give them to the kids, unfortunately as I am not and do not know any children I have no real use for these!

We also got this I Believe I Can Fly shirt. It's pretty big and I do like the slogan and the colour. I don't like that it comes so high around your neck, but I think I'll keep this as a gym t-shirt when it's a bit cooler.

The first of the beauty items this month was this Cristal Liste by Kerastase. This is a hair conditioner. I haven't had a chance to use it yet (will actually be giving it a try tonight!) but it does smell really good so I'm feeling pretty optimistic about it. It's a smaller bottle than the one I normally use (but still a good size, it'll last you a while) so if it's a good product I'm going to take this to my boyfriends' to use there.

Next up is this Caudalie hand and nail cream. This is a really nice smelling product which is a big plus for me - I've tried to buy a hand cream at The Body Shop a few times, and much as I love TBS their hand creams just do not smell good. This smells much nicer and is again a good size.

Finally is this My Little Beauty cheek and lip colour. It is actually a nice colour and it comes on really easily, but I don't use these products sadly!

  Though I'm happy with two of the products, overall this box really disappointed me. There is so much they could have done with the theme, and I feel like a shirt and some stickers really don't cut it for a box that advertises itself as a lifestyle box rather than a beauty box. Don't get me wrong - the shirt is good quality and I'm sure wasn't that cheap for them to make, but if I wanted beauty products I'd go for a beauty box and get more for what I pay.

  Therefore for me, this is my last My Little Box. I've been disappointed with too many of the products lately and though I'm still totally going to check out reviews of the future boxes and hope it goes back to its previous high standard, I'm going to move on and give You Beauty a go for a little while - by the way, you'll be able to read my review of my first You Beauty box next week :)


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