Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Our Trip to Blackpool!

A couple of weekends ago we decided to make a trip up to Blackpool. I'd wanted to go for a while because I'm a big lover of theme parks and it had been a really long time since I'd gone to Blackpool Pleasure Beach - and at the time I was too young to really appreciate it. My boyfriend wanted to go because he's not British, and so the idea of the British seaside holiday isn't something he grew up with and so he's quite intrigued by it - and for some reason felt that visiting out of season would make it more interesting for him. No idea why!

We made the trip up from London which didn't take anywhere near as long as we thought it would - but still took longer than it should have done, as the first train was delayed which meant we missed everything else too! When we finally got there it was dark and really windy and cold. We'd decided to walk to the hotel rather than try to figure out the trams which turned out to be a bit of a mistake as we were the most windblown people when we finally made it there!

Luckily, we ended up being very happy with our room! We were staying in the Travelodge Blackpool South Promenade* and were given this lovely room. We both liked the design of the art in the room, and the bed was actually really comfortable. We didn't get much time to appreciate the view that night as we were both knackered, but it turned out we had a great location - from one window we could see the beach, and from the other we could sea the corner of the pleasure beach.

We started off our Saturday morning with a breakfast. It's a buffet, so we, uh, went a bit silly. Following this very civilised looking full english, I had some Weetabix, a yogurt, and a muffin. Max went with some croissants and some Coco Pops, because we're very classy Londoners like that. It was a good buffet though, and very much needed!

On to the pleasure beach!

This ride was called the Derby Racer, and it was actually a lot of fun. It looks like a typical carousel but it goes faster and the horses are bouncier. We really enjoyed this ride and it was basically walk on.

This ride is called Infusion, and is in a similar style to the likes of Nemesis. It was Max's first time on a rollercoaster of this sort and he really didn't want to go on it. He was terrified the whole way round, to the extent that I actually felt bad for making him go on it, but by the time we got back to the hotel he'd decided that actually it was his favourite ride afterall. Personally I loved it!

The iconic Big One, which was unfortunately closed the whole weekend because of high winds. I really wanted to go on this one too!

The Grand National is a wooden rollercoaster. This was actually the first ride we tried to get on, but after an hour and a half of queuing it broke down when we were next to go on. And, of course, no giving us vouchers or letting us skip the queue later on. When we did give it another chance it was a lot of fun but SO PAINFUL.

This is Steeplechase, which I thought was absolutely hilarious. You each have your own little horse that rides around the track. It's a lot faster and scarier than you'd think it was just by looking at it!

We enjoyed our time at the pleasure beach, though the weather wasn't great! A lot of the rides are rare within the country due to being older ones, but though that makes them more painful it also makes them more fun. They also have Valhalla, a water ride which isn't quite as good as I remembered but still a lot of fun. It absolutely drenched poor Max who was not quite as sensible as I was in terms of coats and clothing. We were thankful for the fact that our hotel was literally about two minutes away so we could go and get changed before returning!

In the evening, we were pretty tired out so just found a local pizza place which was good value and very friendly.

In the morning, we went to breakfast at the Waterfalls cafe. It's just across the road from the hotel and didn't have a huge amount of variety but still tasted nice and gave us some interesting landscaping!

We took a walk back to the train station along the beach. As you can see it was a really miserable day but we enjoyed the walk anyway. We stopped off at a few arcades and I taught Max how to play air hockey. I was slightly humiliated that someone who grew up in a seaside town lost to a first timer, but what can you do...

We really enjoyed our trip to Blackpool. The Pleasure Beach was a lot of fun, and we were really pleased that we stayed so close to the park, as especially when it's so cold and windy you might not feel like a long travel after spending the whole day outside in it! We'd like to go back in the summer to see how it is when all the businesses etc are open, but going out of season wasn't a bad idea at all - it was quieter and the park was half price, which of course was much appreciated!

You can view information about Blackpool Pleasure Beach at their website, here, and you can view the Travelodge Blackpool South Promenade here


  1. You had a great time even with the bad weather. I've been to Blackpool last month and I really enjoyed it, can't wait to visit it in the summer.

  2. Woo sounds like you had an awesome time! We went to Blackpool last year as my grandparents love it! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


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