Monday, 27 April 2015

Our Trip to Guernsey: Part One

For the bank holiday weekend a couple of weeks ago, we took a trip to Guernsey! It is actually quite sad how we ended up choosing Guernsey as our location - basically, we decided to go on a bank holiday weekend trip about a week and a half before the actual date. Of course, everything was extortionate - we looked up flights to places like Barcelona that didn't seem too completely over the top priced at around £200 - until you consider the fact that on any other weekend we could probably go there for about £30. We found Guernsey wasn't too overpriced, and after looking through random other weekends found the prices were pretty consistent throughout the year and so ended up making that our choice. It was a pretty terrible reason but we did end up having a good time there, so here's part one of the trip!

First of all, check out how pretty our room was! We stayed in a little B&B called Hotel La Michele and had such a nice room. When I get to the final part (part three) there will be lots more pictures of the hotel and the grounds, so I'll tell you more about it when I get to that part!

We started our journey with a walk. We decided to walk to the nearby beach, and from there do a cliff walk to the capital, St Peter Port. 

Along the way we found some little caves...

And also some interesting little historical sites! These were particularly fun because there was no one there apart from a guy walking his dog, so we got to have a good explore of the area.

This is the view of the castle along the way. As you can see we did luck out with the weather at this point!

I've not got too many pictures of the walk along the way saved as they don't look that interesting, but it was a fun but quite difficult walk - lots of uphill! There were some seriously nice looking houses along the way - maybe one day!

And finally, we made it to St Peter Port. It's a quiet little area and pretty much the only shopping area on the island. It's nice for a little walk around, although admittedly smaller than I expected!

 We had dinner at Village East. Restaurants weren't too expensive in Guernsey if you looked hard enough! We found that if we looked at the set menus they were pretty pricey, but a lot of restaurants do set early dinners which honestly all weren't that early, and they were a good price.

So, that's the end of Guernsey Part 1. Next week I'll be posting about a walk we did all the way across the length of the island, and the week after I'll be looking at some of the more touristy areas and the exploration that we did. 

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