Monday, 20 April 2015

You Beauty Discovery - April 2015

This month I received my first You Beauty Discovery Box. For those who don't know, You Beauty is a subscription box a little bit smaller than the others (this one actually fit through my letter box, hoorah!) and also a little bit cheaper than the others at £6.99. It includes two or so samples already and you choose two extras that you want from a small menu - a bit like LoveMeBeauty used to be!

The theme for this month was Natural and Organic, which I thought was a great one for me to start with as I tend to go for those sort of products anyway. 

One of the bonus samples this month was Linwood's milled flaxseed cocoa and berries. This is a little packet of powdery goodness that it recommends you add to your porridge, cereal, yogurt, smoothies etc. This is a bit of an odd one as giving me so many choices makes me even less sure of what to do with it - but I'm going to try it on my weetabix tomorrow morning and hopefully it will be delicious.

The next bonus sample was Yours Truly Organics - Fix me! repairing serum. This is supposed to repair, smoothen and brighten your skin, and I think I'll give this one a go tonight.

The first product that I chose was this Heaven product in orange flower, a cell renewal hydrogel. There were a few Heaven products you could choose from this month but for some reason I was really drawn to this one! It smells really nice and I'm not entirely sure when I'm going to use it yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so!

My final product, and the second that I chose, is this Scentred product - a Sleep Well therapy balm. It's a palmarosa, lavender and ylang ylang balm that you apply to your pulse points in order to help you get to sleep. I've always heard of lavender being great for helping you get to sleep and this product smells pretty strongly of that so I'm pretty optimistic. For the most part I don't have trouble sleeping, but I will soon start working rotating shifts including nights - I am one of those who has a very good body clock that knows exactly when the birds are about to come out and so I should wake up, so going to sleep at that time may be a bit of a mission - I'm hoping to save this product up to use then!
Overall I was really happy with my first You Beauty Discovery box and am looking forward to giving all the products a go. If you'd like to subscribe, you can do so here!


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  1. Sinéad Danielle ✿25 April 2015 at 09:38

    That sleep oil sounds divine, I love a bid of lavender at night, really calms the senses!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥


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