Monday, 11 May 2015

Our Trip to Guernsey: Part Three

On to the third and final part of our Guernsey trip - starting again at our lovely little hotel, Hotel La Michele.


Monday, 4 May 2015

Our Trip to Guernesy; Part Two

Welcome to part two of our trip to Guernsey! For this part, we woke up nice and early and took a walk from where we were (Near St Peter Port - basically right on the east side of the island) all the way across to the west side of the island - and then some, as we walked to another little island off the edge. Now, Guernsey IS small enough that you really can just walk from one side to the other, but it still took us longer than expected and added a fair bit of time to what Google thought we would do! But we saw some really nice sights. The thing about Guernsey is that it sort of reminds me of Kent, apart from only the nice parts and nothing but. We literally did not see a single part of Guernsey that we didn't think was attractive in some way, which was very strange to us!

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