Monday, 4 May 2015

Our Trip to Guernesy; Part Two

Welcome to part two of our trip to Guernsey! For this part, we woke up nice and early and took a walk from where we were (Near St Peter Port - basically right on the east side of the island) all the way across to the west side of the island - and then some, as we walked to another little island off the edge. Now, Guernsey IS small enough that you really can just walk from one side to the other, but it still took us longer than expected and added a fair bit of time to what Google thought we would do! But we saw some really nice sights. The thing about Guernsey is that it sort of reminds me of Kent, apart from only the nice parts and nothing but. We literally did not see a single part of Guernsey that we didn't think was attractive in some way, which was very strange to us!

Guernsey is also one of those places where you can find little boxes or porches everywhere selling various eggs, flowers, toys, vegetables etc and you just leave the money in a little box.

Of course, a Guernsey cow! The odd thing is that we expected them to be everywhere, being that they're so often seen in pictures of the island. We actually had to walk for quite a long time before we saw one, and even then we didn't see them frequently at all!

When at last we made it to the other coast, I had began to get a bit moany which meant it was most definitely time to stop for food. Being that we were on the coast, it had to be a bit of old fashioned fish and chips really!

We found some trenches and various other WW2 bits and pieces near the coast as well. You could wonder around them and it was pretty cool - there weren't loads, but there also weren't any other people there so it was a lot of fun.

We also found a little historical site, which was basically a little cave from which there had been lots of myths and stories about fairies.

Max could probably have walked back but I absolutely refused to! The buses are actually really good but not at all frequent, so since we had a couple of hours to spare we had an explore of the beach.

That's the end of part two - check back next week for a look at the little chapel, and the underground hospital!

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