Monday, 11 May 2015

Our Trip to Guernsey: Part Three

On to the third and final part of our Guernsey trip - starting again at our lovely little hotel, Hotel La Michele.

Today the plan was to go to the German Underground Hospital. After the previous day I had no desire to walk to it whatsoever and so we headed in to St Peter Port to get the bus, taking a look at some more of the town while we were there.

As our bus arrived before the hospital was open (it was only open for two hours at a time), we went to the little chapel which was just a short walk away. We had seen this listed as a good place to visit quite a few times but had dismissed it, as you always sort of end up being dragged to chapels when you're abroad and it's always not all that interesting. Because of that, we hadn't actually looked at what the little chapel was and so were both very surprised (and impressed!) when we ended up there!

And of course, another batch of Guernsey cows!

Now, on to the underground hospital. I'll leave these pictures here without much description as I think they speak for themselves, however we both really enjoyed this. We're both a fan of exploration and getting to see things that are a bit different and get a bit of an experience out of it, and that's definitely what we found here!

And with that, it was on to our final meal in Guernsey.

This picture and the ones that follow it are all taken from the grounds of our hotel. This first picture was taken literally standing from within our doorway.

And there you go, our trip to Guernsey was over! We both really enjoyed the trip and ended up not completing our plans at all. We ended up enjoying walking around so much that a few of the things we wanted to do got missed completely - we never made it to the north, and we had wanted to visit Herm, one of the small neighboring islands, but ended up just not getting a chance to do so. We really enjoyed our trip though and would definitely be happy to return!



  1. I've enjoyed reading about your trip. I can't remember if I've commented so sorry if I'm repeating myself. One of my exs lives in Guernsey. Before I met him I didn't even know the Channel Islands existed. Oops. I really want to go as it looks beautiful. Some parts from your photos look like a town near me called Ross on Wye. I'm glad you had a good time and I look forward to visiting myself.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful chapel! It's like something out of a fairy tale. One day I'll have to go to Guernsey, it looks so beautiful.


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