Sunday, 28 June 2015

Hello again, long time no see!

Well, it's only been a month, but it sure does feel a lot longer to me. Especially when, annoyingly, I actually scheduled a post each week and apparently managed to mess it up so it didn't actually happen...

Where have I been? Well, there's two.

One is the literal - I've been to California! It was a lot of fun, though screwed me up the next week as I failed at jetlag control this time around. But it was my first trip to the west coast and I thought California was just awesome. Those of you who follow me on twitter will know that I was supposed to go to California back in April, for two-three weeks, however started my new job then so didn't actually get to. I had a week off earlier in the month and I rammed as much of the southern California part of it as I could into that week, but there's definitely still a lot more of the original plan I want to go to and will definitely be returning. But that's enough of that - there will be a post all about it starting from next week :)

And aside from that, I'm failing at life organisation in general lately. I work odd hours now, which leaves me with more spare time and yet at the same time doesn't as I still have to fit in friends on their set shifts, and with all the extra time I had I've been dedicating it to doing all sorts of fitness classes. I've been trying everything, from reformer pilates to martial arts to dance classes - again, there will be a post on all this coming soon, but the point is I've got really bad at working out where blogging time fits in. I THINK I've found it now, so you'll be seeing me nice and active again.

So in short, I'm back and looking forward to talking to you all again!
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