Thursday, 30 July 2015

Yaneff @ DSTRKT - Restaurant Review

I had wanted to go to Yaneff at DSTRKT for a really, really long time. I've always been particularly intrigued by the tasting menus they do, although unfortunately a bit too pricey for me, however we had a special occassion recently and decided to go for one of their set menus, costing £35 for four courses and a champagne cocktail. By the way, I'm not normally a fan of champagne cocktails, but the one they did here was actually delicious and I don't think I have ever finished one so quickly.

You choose two starters with this menu. My first was that seen in the photo right at the top - it's a tuna and raspberry salad which is rather good value for money as it's absolutely enormous. I was only halfway through mine whilst my friend had already finished both of his, so I ended up giving some to him. The second were these goats cheese stuffed peppers which were really delicious, I wish there had been more of them as they were lovely.

For my main I had this salmon. I can't actually tell you what exactly was on it as even though at time of writing it's only a day after I attended, it seems the set menu has changed! I remember it was Miso coated and it was interesting tasting but I did enjoy it. The vegetables that came with it less so, far too watery for me!

For dessert I had this white chocolate and mango cheesecake which was really delicious. I could definitely happily eat these every day :)

Overall we enjoyed our meal at DSTRKT, but I'm not sure it exactly lived up to my expectations. In pictures the design looks amazing, and don't get me wrong I did enjoy it, but in person I found the decoration looked a little cheaper than I expected. The food was nice but perhaps not as great as I'd had in mind, though we still had an enjoyable meal. If you're interested in giving it a go yourself, head over to their website!


Monday, 27 July 2015

Pizza at Franco Manca

If you knew how long I had been wanting to go to this restaurant...!

Franco Manca is a sourdough pizza restaurant, originally from Brixton but now spreading out across the London scene. And deservedly so! I'd heard nothing but good things about this place, and being around Brixton a lot it's come heavily recommended to me but I just never found the time to go. At last, I finally made it, and boy have I been missing out - this place is amazing!

The menu is very simple. They do sourdough pizza, six different types, and, uh, that's pretty much it. There's one salad, and that's your only deviation. The pizzas are very simple - but they are SO good. I had pizza number four, which is Gloucester old spot ham, mozzarella, buffalo ricotta and wild mushrooms and it was seriously so good. It was also just £6.85 which is amazing value for something so ridiculously delicious.

I can't believe it took me so long to finally make it here and it's definitely not going to take me so long to go back, and I'd definitely recommend you try it too, particularly if you can make it to the Brixton original. Check out their website here!


Thursday, 23 July 2015

35 Thoughts Everyone Has In a Yoga Class

  1. Look at all the people in their nice yoga outfits! Whilst I'm just here rocking out my ten year old tracksuit.

  2. Though let's be reasonable, this tracksuit has stayed in ridiculously good quality over the years...

  3. I wish I could justify owning that many different yoga outfits. Or, you know, even just one.

  4. This space at the back is quite ideal. I would not like to see my failures at bending from four
    different angles, thanks.

  5. Help, my trousers are attacking my butt :(

  6. I feel like everyone can just see everything right about now.

  7. Clearly you and I have a very different understanding of the word, "Beginners."

  8. Yep, I am definitely the least bendy person in this entire room.

  9. I wonder if I've ever even been able to touch my toes?

  10. I don't even understand how your legs are bending in that way.

  11. Oh, wait, everyone else is doing that too. Just me, then.

  12. I really appreciate the fact that in yoga, it's acceptable to basically lie back on your butt when you want to hide the shame of the fact that you can't hold a plank any longer.

  13. Seriously, arms, why can't you hold yourself up?!

  14. This man is making really obnoxious noises every time he breathes out. He really, really needs to stop.

  15. It's actually beginning to make me quite uncomfortable. I don't know what you're thinking about, but I think you should probably try not to anymore.

  16. How is everyone else standing perfectly still whilst my leg is flying around like it's a trampoline?

  17. If I fall, should I try to keep my arms in position, or just let them protect my face?!

  18. Everyone definitely heard that.

  19. I wonder if she realises that her yoga pants are basically see through.
  20. Yoga Girl
  21. I don't even understand how you got yourself into that position.

  22. I'd like to try it, but I also like not having a black eye.

  23. Chakra what?!

  24. This lady is expecting me to remember where far too many chakras are. I can't visualise these things when I have no idea where they're supposed to be or what even they are!

  25. This teacher is actually WAY too into yoga. Like there's enjoying and believing in what you do, and then there's this...

  26. Laughing yoga. Just no.

  27. It's either think about the breathing, or actually doing the poses, what do you want from me?!

  28. My mind is silent, my mind is silent...

  29. Nope, just thinking about dinner again.


  31. Everyone else is in their happy place and I'm just trying to remember if I have any ice cream left in the freezer. Should I buy some more just in case? I really want ice cream. Those new Magnums are so good...

  32. Is this the part where I achieve enlightenment?

  33. A yoga retreat, that sounds like fun! I could go to Thailand, eat delicious food, and then completely embarass myself at my yoga failures but IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY. Result.

  34. Seriously, I kind of want to do one though.

  35. I feel relaxed, and stretched, and free...!

  36. Nope, been on the underground for five minutes. Life is back to normal. Need to go and do more yoga already. Grumble grumble.


Monday, 20 July 2015

California, Part Two; Sea World San Diego Edition

Welcome to California part two! This time we're at Sea World, San Diego. I know it's really unpopular to like Sea World these days, but whatever, I'm a fan. I went to Sea World Orlando a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Max had never been, but when we went to Whipsnade earlier in the year he really liked the sealion show there so thought he'd probably like it too, so off we went!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Primark Summer Haul (plus an Oasis piece!)

I don't often head over to Oxford Street's Primark, because frankly, unless you go at exactly the right time on a Monday morning it always seems to be a bit of an ordeal. However, I was armed with the task of helping my friend to get some clothes for a holiday we're going on next month as he just didn't know where to begin. I managed to get him five new tops, and, uh, well, a few things for myself too...

Everybody needs more socks, right? And I thought these were cool ones. I've got some little ones that are just supposed to hide in your shoes (although frankly, with these patterns I don't see that happening any time soon) and some more funky ones too. I didn't even really mean to buy these, I was just standing in the queue for long enough that it sort of just happened.

Next up, I got this T-Shirt. I actually really love this T-Shirt. I wasn't entirely sure on it when I first picked it up, but after trying it on it actually became my favourite purchase. It fits really nicely and it's a really pretty shade. Plus something about the font really appeals to me, and you know, every day really SHOULD be a beach day.

Another T-Shirt! I'm a sucker for a Union Jack t-shirt and also have way too many butterfly t-shirts. This one sort of combines the two!

These pictures really don't do it justice, this is a super nice dress. It flows really nicely, has such a nice fabric and pattern, and it's such a versatile dress. I think I'm going to save mine because I have a bit of a fancy event coming up but it's a day time event which confuses me in terms of what to wear normally. I think this is the one, as this one can really branch between both dresses you can wear to restaurants and ones you can just wear to work.

Pants! Enough said.

I also got this little pyjama set, because it is MUCH too hot to be wearing trousers right now.

Also, this skirt is a sneaking on in as it's not actually from Primark, it's from Oasis, but it's a pretty skirt and it deserves some recognition so I thought I'd include it in this haul as well! 

So this is my Primark summer wear - any favourites? What have you picked up lately?


Monday, 13 July 2015

Wimbledon Afternoon Tea @ The Soho Hotel

  It had been a little while since I've gone for an afternoon tea (aside from a good Christmas one, it really does suit a summer sort of day doesn't it?) and so I decided it was about time I headed over for one. I'm a big fan of themed afternoon tea and Wimbledon seemed to be the most frequently seen option. Most of the choices available were pretty expensive, but we found this Wimbledon themed tea over at the Soho Hotel for just £22.50 which also included a cocktail.

Drinks overload! We had these berry smash bellinis (really nice), a hot chocolate each (neither of us actually drink tea) and some water. It was a bit of an overload considering we had quite a while to wait for our goodies! This would be my one complaint, by the way; it took about an hour for us to get our food, which considering neither of us had eaten all day and it really wasn't that busy was quite a long time.

Here's the afternoon tea itself! On the bottom you can see a roast beef and horseradish bun, prawn cocktail (delicious), smoked salmon rye finger and cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches. Inside the little tea towel is four scones. On the next bit up you can see a pimm's jelly pot (I did not like this one!), english strawberries and cream tartlet, lemon curd cupcake, and Wimbledon chocolate macaroon. (I don't normally like macaroons, but these ones were really nice!)

It was also a very arty hotel, so a shame we didn't have more time to look around at all of the random things. Overall it was a nice afternoon tea and in a pleasant atmosphere. The staff were very friendly but I've had much more for the price, and the waiting time really was a bit too long. A good day out though, and you can view their website over here.


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Advertising is back - Get 50% off in July!!

After much thought I've decided to start offering advertising here again - They're going to be the same cheap prices that they used to be with the most expensive offering at just £6 - however this time I'm going to give Adlet a go.

If you're interested in advertising for your blog including twitter mentions and a full write up, head over to my advertising page, here! As a special incentive for July, all ad sizes will be going for a huge 50% off - just use the code WELCOMEBACK when you apply :)

Thursday, 9 July 2015

YouBeauty Discovery Box; July 2015

Welcome to July's YouBeauty Discovery Box! For those of you who don't already know, YouBeauty is a subscription box with a bit of a difference - you choose your own products. It's also much cheaper than other boxes at just £6.95. These are both big selling points for me, as I don't use that many products and I would rather spend my money elsewhere but do still love the idea of beauty boxes! Here's what came in July's box...

As you can see, this month is the You Travel box. Which I'll be honest, I like the idea of the theme but I'd say the products, with the exception of one, aren't exactly the most linked! But anyway, let's carry on and see what is inside...

First up, I picked out this Lola nail polish in Stone Grey. While you'd expect beauty boxes to be giving out bright summery neon colours, I really like this shade. It's a dark grey, but still clearly grey as opposed to black and I think it'll actually be really wearable. Unfortunately I'm not gonna be able to swatch this for you just now as I'm not allowed to wear nail polish at work and I have a feeling this shade is going to be one of those that's just a little harder to get off, so you'll have to wait til a bit later in the month to get a peek at how this looks actually on my fingers. Sorry!

My next choice was this mini pairing of Philip Kingsley hair products - one moisture balancing shampoo and one moisture balancing conditioner! I don't love the smell of the shampoo as it's a bit too chemically for me, but I think the conditioner smells really nice. Will definitely get some use out of both of these anyway and give an update later on in the month!

My first extra this month was these museli breaks, which are little oatcakes with wholgrain oats, fruits and seeds. I've eaten these already and they were actually seriously good and much more fruity than I've found in other products which is a definite plus.

The final extra product is this gradual tan cream from St Tropez, and I am SO unsure about this product. I actually really want to use it but at the same time I'm sort of scared about it! The idea is that you use this product in the shower to slowly develop a natural looking glow. I'm not really into tan products but the upper part of my legs do look distinctly different from the rest of me so I'm really tempted to use this - however the last time I used any sort of tan product it truly looked ANYTHING but natural. Buuutttt on the other hand, St Tropez are a brand I've always heard good things. I think I'll have to try a little bit right at the very top of my legs and see what happens before making a decision about it, and again, of course I'll let you all know at the end of the month how this went!

So that's my July YouBeauty box, what did you all think? What did you get in your own boxes? If you want to subscribe you can do so through their website, here!


Monday, 6 July 2015

California; Part One. The Beach Edition!

Welcome to part one of the California trip trilogy; I'll be updating a California post every other Monday :) As a bit of background of this trip, we started planning it back in February or so for what was going to be an April trip. The original idea was that I was going to do about a week and a half by myself of the northern part, and then was going to be joined for another week to complete the south. However, I then started a new job which wouldn't let me have the time off in April (literally got told I had it with  about 4 hours left on free flight cancellation, thank god) but did let me have one week in June, so we decided to go ahead and just do the southern bit. In retrospect maybe it was a bit rushed and maybe we were a bit hideously jetlagged at work afterwards, but we'd been looking forward to going and had everything planned and tickets for places like Disney bought, so couldn't really imagine going anywhere else - even if it would have been more sensible!


Thursday, 2 July 2015

This Month, I Have Mostly Been... June 2015 Edition!

  Well, the big thing I enjoyed in June was most definitely California - that surely can't be beaten by anything else! It was a brilliant trip and I was so glad to finally go, especially after I'd had to push my trip back and extend the already too far away for my liking deadline. It was great to finally go though, and I definitely plan on going back when I can - though hopefully I won't remain jetlagged and miserable at work this time!

  I have been working on getting some home cooking done again. We have lost our local supermarket, and although we of course have others that are close they are much more expensive unfortunately. This means I've had to spend lots of time thinking about what I'm going to be eating, whether I can justify Abel&Cole deliveries again, and just how on earth do people who live on their own end up spending enough to reach the minimim order on a weekly shopping delivery anyway?! And why is going actual shopping such a pain?! Argh! It does mean I have made some delicious meals though, and hopefully I'll be able to figure out this shopping malarkey... I'm slow at adjusting when it comes to my food, okay!

  This one goes to season three of Orange is the New Black, which I have just completed. There's no spoilers in this this little section by the way - I managed to watch the whole show within the month, which surprised me as I really don't watch all that much TV anymore and I was beginning to think it was getting even lower as I'm just taking FOREVER to finish shows these days. I really enjoyed this series though - I was super excited for it but then just didn't enjoy the first couple of episodes though. Luckily it really does pick up and became a brilliant series.

  Nothing too fun - mostly I've been getting back into the swing of being back at work! I've also planned an August trip to Spain which I'm excited about though.

Been negative about...
  I have been quite sad and grumpy in general this month, which I'm putting down to a combination of returning very jetlagged and not really having wanted to be back! So I can't say there's been anything in particular this month, as really it's just been down to me :S

Thinking about...
  Some relationshippy things, which I won't tell you about but they aren't great! The fact that I'm finally out of work training next month. I'm very excited about that, I don't know how I managed to stay at university for so long because the training environment really isn't for me anymore! 

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