Monday, 6 July 2015

California; Part One. The Beach Edition!

Welcome to part one of the California trip trilogy; I'll be updating a California post every other Monday :) As a bit of background of this trip, we started planning it back in February or so for what was going to be an April trip. The original idea was that I was going to do about a week and a half by myself of the northern part, and then was going to be joined for another week to complete the south. However, I then started a new job which wouldn't let me have the time off in April (literally got told I had it with  about 4 hours left on free flight cancellation, thank god) but did let me have one week in June, so we decided to go ahead and just do the southern bit. In retrospect maybe it was a bit rushed and maybe we were a bit hideously jetlagged at work afterwards, but we'd been looking forward to going and had everything planned and tickets for places like Disney bought, so couldn't really imagine going anywhere else - even if it would have been more sensible!

Anyway, this post is going to be basically the beach edition. We started off at Venice Beach; literally, we landed at LAX, got our hire car, and went straight here. It was a nice thing to do on landing as obviously you don't feel particularly great after you've been on a plane for such a long time (although I do have to say, American Airlines have significantly improved! I've refused to fly them for the last five years because of the awful experiences I had with them, flew them this time out of lack of choice, and they were actually pretty good) 

This is probably not going to be understood by Americans or those who live in hot countries, but I really love these trees! I always get so pleased to see them.

Here's our hotel; and our car in front of it!

I can't remember if these photos were taken in Newport or Huntington. See, the original plan was to go to Newport, but then we didn't understand parking meters and ended up basically spending all the money on the one half an hour only slot. We enjoyed our half hour there, and then remembered that we drove past Huntington Beach and it had seemed to have loads more parking spaces. We very quickly discovered that that was because they charged $15 or some ridiculous amount which I thought was pushing it even if you DID want to stay for more than an hour or two, but eventually we found a bit that wasn't going to charge us a completely ludicrous amount.

This was taken at one of these scenic viewpoints listed along the highway. Literally everytime we saw one we'd go and stop and have a look, and literally every time we were like, "Well, it's okay, I guess..."

Here's our car again! It was a really nice car actually, and the rental is so much cheaper than we'd pay over here. Luckily, Max is German, so this driving on the right hand side malarkey was no problem for him.

This and the next photos were all taken at Coronado Island, just off San Diego. It's quite embarassing how I found out this place, although we did end up having a really good time here and it ended up being one of our favourite places. Basically, we were looking at google maps trying to work out where was best to go as we had an empty day in San Diego to fill. I saw Coronado and said, "Hey, I'm sure I saw somewhere in Disney World by that name and it was really pretty. Maybe the real one will be too?" So we went there. And it was!

And there's San Diego proper!

Next time, I'll stay there, obv...

These last pictures were all taken at Long Beach. We went there on our very last day to fill some time before going to the airport. (By the way, LAX? Horrible airport. We wanted to do some shopping so we left to get to the airport really early and found... a grand total of one shop. Which basically just sold overpriced magazines. And then the plane was late, so it was even longer at this awful terminal! Anyway, let's go on to Long Beach...

Our favourite experience here by the way was some random person covered in tattoos who came and chatted to us. He told he was from Compton but he likes to leave when he can because it gets too much for him. He then sat there and told us a racist joke for literally every race, asked Max if he was related to Prince Harry, and explained to us that the reason he had a tattoo on his head was because he kept losing his hat. Yep. There you go.

My new bag - you'll never guess where else I went...

So that's it for part one! In part two I'll post a bit about our trip to Sea World, and in part three we'll be looking at Disney! 



  1. Such gorgeous photo's! I have always wanted to go to California! x

  2. I grew up in Southern California, and even though I've since traveled to and lived in many places all over the world, I can sincerely say that San Diego is my favorite place in the whole world. The weather is perfect, there's so much to do. I just love it! LA is not the best. It will always have a special place in my heart because I went to college there, but San Diego still wins. :) Glad you got to enjoy SoCal!

  3. All those blue skies and lovely beach sand!! I'll be taking my first trip to the US at Christmas although we chose New York instead of California :) There's always next time for the beach!

    ~ K

  4. I've never been a fan of New York but I'm definitely very very much in the minority with that opinion - hope you have a great time!

  5. How jealous I am, I thought it was a lovely place and I can't wait to go back. I wish I'd known more about San Diego before I went; We went with the expectation that it would be a bit of a wasted day and it was such a nice place.

  6. It was great! So glad I got to go even if it wasn't for anywhere near as long as originally planned :)

  7. Lovely post, thank for sharing your links on Twitter!
    Very jealous of all of the beautiful places you got to see, these beaches and areas look amazing!

    Ashley |


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