Monday, 20 July 2015

California, Part Two; Sea World San Diego Edition

Welcome to California part two! This time we're at Sea World, San Diego. I know it's really unpopular to like Sea World these days, but whatever, I'm a fan. I went to Sea World Orlando a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Max had never been, but when we went to Whipsnade earlier in the year he really liked the sealion show there so thought he'd probably like it too, so off we went!

The first thing we were greeted by was a bunch of dolphins swimming around in their pool holding balls. Sometimes they would bring them over to people to throw them for them, but most entertaining to us was one particular dolphin who appeared to just want to kill his ball. He kept swimming near the bottom, throwing the ball down hard and then sort of trying to stuff his whole body on top of it to keep it down.

These birds were hilarious too. Every time you tried to feed a sealion they just appeared right in front of you and wouldn't move. Much to the fury of the sealions, who would then make these horrible noises at the birds!

The sea lion show! This was a good show, and I think I enjoyed it more than the last one I saw at Orlando. Although there was a bit that was so obviously sponsored by Coke that we had to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation.

The host of the show, who was very good!

Flamingoes, and a rollercoaster!

Angry flamingoes.

Next up, we have the dolphin show. This show was almost identical to when I saw it in Orlando, and the word I would mainly use to describe it would still be "weird." It's just a very odd show. Disjointed does not even begin to cover it. I did enjoy it, but would have preferred to see more dolphins.

This picture literally just looks like a dolphin has fallen out of the sky.

You try taking a good picture of a dolphin jumping...

We then went to see the pets show, which was actually really good. We were really impressed by this.

 Happy birthday, Sea World!

And finally, the whale show! This was a good show too, although I preferred the Orlando one; however it's not the fairest to judge, as when I saw the show in Orlando the trainers were still allowed to be in the water with the whales so obviously it was more impressive.

Overall, we had a good time here. We enjoyed all the shows, although I'd agree with Max that it's hard to pick out which show was the best. The sealion show is probably the most entertaining and surprising in terms of what the animals can do, but the whale show is probably more impressive just because, well, whales.

I'd say out of the two Orlando is better, as it's bigger and though the rides are very similar, I enjoyed the ones at Orlando more. However we still had a good time at Sea World San Diego and I'd still recommend it, regardless of whether you've been to another one before or not.

That brings us to the end of part two - next time we're on to Disney!


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