Thursday, 16 July 2015

Primark Summer Haul (plus an Oasis piece!)

I don't often head over to Oxford Street's Primark, because frankly, unless you go at exactly the right time on a Monday morning it always seems to be a bit of an ordeal. However, I was armed with the task of helping my friend to get some clothes for a holiday we're going on next month as he just didn't know where to begin. I managed to get him five new tops, and, uh, well, a few things for myself too...

Everybody needs more socks, right? And I thought these were cool ones. I've got some little ones that are just supposed to hide in your shoes (although frankly, with these patterns I don't see that happening any time soon) and some more funky ones too. I didn't even really mean to buy these, I was just standing in the queue for long enough that it sort of just happened.

Next up, I got this T-Shirt. I actually really love this T-Shirt. I wasn't entirely sure on it when I first picked it up, but after trying it on it actually became my favourite purchase. It fits really nicely and it's a really pretty shade. Plus something about the font really appeals to me, and you know, every day really SHOULD be a beach day.

Another T-Shirt! I'm a sucker for a Union Jack t-shirt and also have way too many butterfly t-shirts. This one sort of combines the two!

These pictures really don't do it justice, this is a super nice dress. It flows really nicely, has such a nice fabric and pattern, and it's such a versatile dress. I think I'm going to save mine because I have a bit of a fancy event coming up but it's a day time event which confuses me in terms of what to wear normally. I think this is the one, as this one can really branch between both dresses you can wear to restaurants and ones you can just wear to work.

Pants! Enough said.

I also got this little pyjama set, because it is MUCH too hot to be wearing trousers right now.

Also, this skirt is a sneaking on in as it's not actually from Primark, it's from Oasis, but it's a pretty skirt and it deserves some recognition so I thought I'd include it in this haul as well! 

So this is my Primark summer wear - any favourites? What have you picked up lately?


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