Thursday, 2 July 2015

This Month, I Have Mostly Been... June 2015 Edition!

  Well, the big thing I enjoyed in June was most definitely California - that surely can't be beaten by anything else! It was a brilliant trip and I was so glad to finally go, especially after I'd had to push my trip back and extend the already too far away for my liking deadline. It was great to finally go though, and I definitely plan on going back when I can - though hopefully I won't remain jetlagged and miserable at work this time!

  I have been working on getting some home cooking done again. We have lost our local supermarket, and although we of course have others that are close they are much more expensive unfortunately. This means I've had to spend lots of time thinking about what I'm going to be eating, whether I can justify Abel&Cole deliveries again, and just how on earth do people who live on their own end up spending enough to reach the minimim order on a weekly shopping delivery anyway?! And why is going actual shopping such a pain?! Argh! It does mean I have made some delicious meals though, and hopefully I'll be able to figure out this shopping malarkey... I'm slow at adjusting when it comes to my food, okay!

  This one goes to season three of Orange is the New Black, which I have just completed. There's no spoilers in this this little section by the way - I managed to watch the whole show within the month, which surprised me as I really don't watch all that much TV anymore and I was beginning to think it was getting even lower as I'm just taking FOREVER to finish shows these days. I really enjoyed this series though - I was super excited for it but then just didn't enjoy the first couple of episodes though. Luckily it really does pick up and became a brilliant series.

  Nothing too fun - mostly I've been getting back into the swing of being back at work! I've also planned an August trip to Spain which I'm excited about though.

Been negative about...
  I have been quite sad and grumpy in general this month, which I'm putting down to a combination of returning very jetlagged and not really having wanted to be back! So I can't say there's been anything in particular this month, as really it's just been down to me :S

Thinking about...
  Some relationshippy things, which I won't tell you about but they aren't great! The fact that I'm finally out of work training next month. I'm very excited about that, I don't know how I managed to stay at university for so long because the training environment really isn't for me anymore! 



  1. I bet California was amazing! Super jealous. I loved OITNB too, it's an awesome series x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Second week in June in San Francisco was almost permanent fog on the bay!

  3. I didn't make it up to San Francisco but I really really want to soon!

  4. It was brilliant, although my mood has been down ever since because I just want to go back!

  5. If you want to know anything about SF - please ask!


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