Monday, 13 July 2015

Wimbledon Afternoon Tea @ The Soho Hotel

  It had been a little while since I've gone for an afternoon tea (aside from a good Christmas one, it really does suit a summer sort of day doesn't it?) and so I decided it was about time I headed over for one. I'm a big fan of themed afternoon tea and Wimbledon seemed to be the most frequently seen option. Most of the choices available were pretty expensive, but we found this Wimbledon themed tea over at the Soho Hotel for just £22.50 which also included a cocktail.

Drinks overload! We had these berry smash bellinis (really nice), a hot chocolate each (neither of us actually drink tea) and some water. It was a bit of an overload considering we had quite a while to wait for our goodies! This would be my one complaint, by the way; it took about an hour for us to get our food, which considering neither of us had eaten all day and it really wasn't that busy was quite a long time.

Here's the afternoon tea itself! On the bottom you can see a roast beef and horseradish bun, prawn cocktail (delicious), smoked salmon rye finger and cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches. Inside the little tea towel is four scones. On the next bit up you can see a pimm's jelly pot (I did not like this one!), english strawberries and cream tartlet, lemon curd cupcake, and Wimbledon chocolate macaroon. (I don't normally like macaroons, but these ones were really nice!)

It was also a very arty hotel, so a shame we didn't have more time to look around at all of the random things. Overall it was a nice afternoon tea and in a pleasant atmosphere. The staff were very friendly but I've had much more for the price, and the waiting time really was a bit too long. A good day out though, and you can view their website over here.


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