Thursday, 30 July 2015

Yaneff @ DSTRKT - Restaurant Review

I had wanted to go to Yaneff at DSTRKT for a really, really long time. I've always been particularly intrigued by the tasting menus they do, although unfortunately a bit too pricey for me, however we had a special occassion recently and decided to go for one of their set menus, costing £35 for four courses and a champagne cocktail. By the way, I'm not normally a fan of champagne cocktails, but the one they did here was actually delicious and I don't think I have ever finished one so quickly.

You choose two starters with this menu. My first was that seen in the photo right at the top - it's a tuna and raspberry salad which is rather good value for money as it's absolutely enormous. I was only halfway through mine whilst my friend had already finished both of his, so I ended up giving some to him. The second were these goats cheese stuffed peppers which were really delicious, I wish there had been more of them as they were lovely.

For my main I had this salmon. I can't actually tell you what exactly was on it as even though at time of writing it's only a day after I attended, it seems the set menu has changed! I remember it was Miso coated and it was interesting tasting but I did enjoy it. The vegetables that came with it less so, far too watery for me!

For dessert I had this white chocolate and mango cheesecake which was really delicious. I could definitely happily eat these every day :)

Overall we enjoyed our meal at DSTRKT, but I'm not sure it exactly lived up to my expectations. In pictures the design looks amazing, and don't get me wrong I did enjoy it, but in person I found the decoration looked a little cheaper than I expected. The food was nice but perhaps not as great as I'd had in mind, though we still had an enjoyable meal. If you're interested in giving it a go yourself, head over to their website!


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