Thursday, 9 July 2015

YouBeauty Discovery Box; July 2015

Welcome to July's YouBeauty Discovery Box! For those of you who don't already know, YouBeauty is a subscription box with a bit of a difference - you choose your own products. It's also much cheaper than other boxes at just £6.95. These are both big selling points for me, as I don't use that many products and I would rather spend my money elsewhere but do still love the idea of beauty boxes! Here's what came in July's box...

As you can see, this month is the You Travel box. Which I'll be honest, I like the idea of the theme but I'd say the products, with the exception of one, aren't exactly the most linked! But anyway, let's carry on and see what is inside...

First up, I picked out this Lola nail polish in Stone Grey. While you'd expect beauty boxes to be giving out bright summery neon colours, I really like this shade. It's a dark grey, but still clearly grey as opposed to black and I think it'll actually be really wearable. Unfortunately I'm not gonna be able to swatch this for you just now as I'm not allowed to wear nail polish at work and I have a feeling this shade is going to be one of those that's just a little harder to get off, so you'll have to wait til a bit later in the month to get a peek at how this looks actually on my fingers. Sorry!

My next choice was this mini pairing of Philip Kingsley hair products - one moisture balancing shampoo and one moisture balancing conditioner! I don't love the smell of the shampoo as it's a bit too chemically for me, but I think the conditioner smells really nice. Will definitely get some use out of both of these anyway and give an update later on in the month!

My first extra this month was these museli breaks, which are little oatcakes with wholgrain oats, fruits and seeds. I've eaten these already and they were actually seriously good and much more fruity than I've found in other products which is a definite plus.

The final extra product is this gradual tan cream from St Tropez, and I am SO unsure about this product. I actually really want to use it but at the same time I'm sort of scared about it! The idea is that you use this product in the shower to slowly develop a natural looking glow. I'm not really into tan products but the upper part of my legs do look distinctly different from the rest of me so I'm really tempted to use this - however the last time I used any sort of tan product it truly looked ANYTHING but natural. Buuutttt on the other hand, St Tropez are a brand I've always heard good things. I think I'll have to try a little bit right at the very top of my legs and see what happens before making a decision about it, and again, of course I'll let you all know at the end of the month how this went!

So that's my July YouBeauty box, what did you all think? What did you get in your own boxes? If you want to subscribe you can do so through their website, here!



  1. The nail polish looks so lovely, grey tones are classy all year round <3

  2. This sounds like a great beauty box. That nail polish is a gorgeous colour, and the hair products sound good too!

    Courtney |


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