Thursday, 20 August 2015

Dior Addict - Miniature Perfume Collection

I am a big fan of perfumes and lovely smelling things in general, so when I came back from Majorca the other day having completely failed at spending much money (the restaurants were just too expensive!!) and faced with their giant duty free shopping area, I did my normal method of passing time - trying as many perfumes as I possibly could.

I'll be honest - this time I was pretty disappointed! Palma has a HUGE selection of perfumes, but I really wasn't feeling any of the scents. Until I stumbled upon Dior's selection, and their amazing little Addict perfumes. I tried a few of them and was really torn between two of them, however then noticed this cute little miniature set. After a grand total of about twenty minutes (no really) I decided to go for the mini set. I have genuinely never finished a perfume before going and buying more, so it made sense to me that if I couldn't choose, I'd just get a smaller version of more of them!

And here we have the gorgeous little set. I'll be honest guys, the perfumes themselves were much smaller than I expected to be. I know, I read the sizes of the bottles on the box but to be honest they just didn't mean much to me - they were just numbers! These are small little bottles, however after the initial disappointment I know I'll still get lots of use out of them, and I would still prefer to have four mini ones than a bigger one. Another disappointment with these bottles is that they don't have a little spray device on them, so I can already tell this is going to go quite wrong when it comes to application. But anyway, enough of the negatives, let's get on with the positives - the scents!

Dior Addict Eau de Parfum is the first bottle in the collection. This is also the original of the collection, and, oddly, my least favourite by quite a considerable amount. However, despite it being my least favourite, it's still a pleasant scent, I suppose I would just describe it as a bit more masculine and heavy than the others. It's quite an intense scent and definitely the strongest of them all, blending Mandarin Leaf with Tunisian Orange Blossom.

Next up we have the Eau de Toilette, and my favourite scent of the bunch. This is a lighter scent, though still very fragrant, and it's quite an uplifting and very feminine scent that for some reason just makes me feel happy whenever I open the bottle! It's a lovely citrusy scent (that despite this, isn't overwhelmingly fruity) with Sicilian Mandarin, Jasmine sambac and Tunisian Neroli.

Next up is the Eau Fraiche, which I would say falls somewhere in between the above two in terms of how deep it is. This is a very floral scent, though again quite a deep one, and blends grapefruit with Freesia and Lily of the Valley.

Finally is the Eau Sensuelle - the hardest of all of this collection to find anywhere! This scent is quite similiar to the Eau Fraiche and so is again quite a floral scent, with rose, jasmine, musk and cedar.

I absolutely love this collection. Two of the scents (the middle two, for me) are amazing, whilst the other two I still like a lot and rank very highly. There is literally not a weak link in this collection! If you're looking for a perfume, this is definitely a collection I would really recommend you go and check out.

I don't think you'll be able to find the mini set without a lot of looking - As mentioned, I bought mine at the airport for 50 Euros, and searched extensively to try to find it online to see if I was getting a good deal or not before buying it - I couldn't find it. However, the full sized products start at around £50 for a 30ml bottle, going up to £82 for a 100ml bottle!


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