Thursday, 13 August 2015

EarlyBird vs Graze - an EarlyBird Taste Box Review!

 The TasteBox from EarlyBird Snacks is a relatively new food subscription box company, sending out five healthy and tasty snacks once a week. At first look they seemed relatively similar to Graze, a company that I subscribed to for a good two or three years. Ultimately, I enjoyed Graze but stopped my subscription as I was ending up with a huge backlog of products that I didn't really want to eat, so I was interested to see what kind of snacks were on offer from EarlyBird.
 As stated above, EarlyBird's idea is that they send you out five healthy snacks to last you a week at work. Of course this doesn't work for people like me who work shifts and usually on a six day cycle - however obviously I can't exactly expect a company to cater to that, and I do like the idea behind this. Particularly for people like me who are sometimes on their feet their entire day and don't always actually get a lunch break, something like this is a great idea as it means I can carry the snacks around with me and have them for an energy boost when I need one.
 The other difference with these products is that each week there's a different piece of artwork on the inside lid. I think this could be interesting - I always liked when Graze did a specially themed box, so something like this does appeal to me.
Here we go - five snacks, and also two little teas. I won't be reviewing the tea in this as I don't actually drink tea, however it's a nice idea for those of you that do. The first difference I noticed was that the way the foods are packaged is different from Graze too. Graze is in little boxes, EarlyBird simply uses little wrappers. This has an advantage as it does make them smaller, which initially for me I thought was great as it meant they would fit into my pockets much easier. However, I very quickly found a problem with that!

 Here was my first snack - milky berry. This is cranberries with blackcurrants and white chocolate. And here is my first problem, although to be honest, it was my fault. I put this in my pocket and when it came to snack time was greeted with some berries absolutely coated in melted white chocolate. DUH. Though this probably made them all delicious, it was also a complete mess that got absolutely everywhere! This was my fault for not really thinking about it (in my defence, I did leave for work at 4am...) but it does give Graze a bit of an advantage in their packaging, even if these ones are smaller.
I also had Koh Tao, which was a rice cracker with a mixture of garlic, kaffir lime, and chili. 

 Senor Jose, which was filled with broad beans, giant corns, soft corns and a chili seasoning. I found this was particularly good for energy throughout the day - it was more filling than I expected it to be, and it definitely gave me a bit of an energy boost!
 These are some Salt N Pepa Cashews - this one is reasonably self explanatory!
 And finally, Berry Berry Nice. I am a big berry fan so this was a good one for me - it contains strawberries, raisins, and cranberries.
I'm going to keep comparing this box with Graze because I figure that is a fairly similar company that most of you are probably already familiar with. I feel that a particular advantage this box has is that it does contain more snacks, so if you like more variety then that's good for you. The packaging is a bit smaller so it is easier to carry the products around with you - Graze boxes are already small, but these ones are just that little bit more portable. This could be an advantage or a disadvantage for you, but I felt that the EarlyBird products were much more healthy than Graze products are. There's none of the cakes or the brownies or flapjacks that Graze offers (although there are two biscuit products, however I didn't receive those so I can't say how they compare). For me this is actually a bit of a disadvantage as Graze's cakes are absolutely delicious, but if you're more healthy minded then I'm sure that's a positive for you! I do prefer the EarlyBird write ups for their products, and do feel that you get a little bit more information about what you're eating and what the benefits are than with Graze.

The boxes are slightly more expensive than Graze's £3.50 boxes - they cost £4.50. However your first box is just £1 so if you're intrigued and want to try then now would be a great time - you can go and have a look and find out all the details over on Early Bird's website, here!

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