Thursday, 27 August 2015

JapanCandyBox; August 2015

Last month, I was really excited to receive my first JapanCandyBox. I have long lusted over the lovely and intriguing looking treats available in Japan, and was even more curious after receiving my Kracie Popin Candy kit. Last month I received my first box, and was so excited (and, let's face it, overwhelmed!) to open it up and see what was inside. There were just so many over the top colourful goodies - and the best bit was, I had absolutely no idea what most of it was!

Meiji Petit Bubble Gum; I'm including this one first as I don't actually eat bubble gum, so it is mostly used to provide with colleagues when they are looking a bit grumpy. However, I did love the packaging on this, and you do get quite a big number so this would definitely last you a while!

Popsicle DIY Candy Kit; A bit like the burger set, but nowhere near as difficult. You make mini popsicles with this - and it's nowhere near as time consuming as the other set. Again I really loved the packaging on this, the penguin character in particular is really cute.

Kikko Chameleon Candy; We loved these! These were the first candies we tried and at first we had no idea what to do with them. They are solid candies about the size of marbles and we were really unsure how to eat them. We tried putting them in our mouths assuming they were sucking sweets, found they were slightly too big, discovered we couldn't bite into them and eventually worked out that yes, we were correct the first time. These are hard fruit flavoured candies, disguised by an initial brown layer so you have to work on them for a little while before discovering what flavours they are. There were four different flavours and they were very tasty!
Meiji Waterpachi Poppin Candy; I got the grape flavour, as you can see. The first thing I noticed about this was the amazing packaging. I love it! So vivid and over the top - and that just continued on to the back. This was a very odd candy; it's basically candyfloss, with the very occasional bit of popping candy hidden inside. It was delicious, but does make your hands very sticky and somehow ended up getting absolutely everywhere!
Line Drops; Quite simple packaging on this one, but I still thought it was really cute. LINE Drops are little hard candies that are apparently very popular in Japan.
Maruta Ramune Bottle Soda Candy; How cute is this? This is a very odd product - there's a bottle inside which contains the candy itself. I haven't actually tried these yet although they are ready to come to work with me, but apparently they are a lemony flavour that is supposed to taste just like a Japanese drink! Very odd, but I'm looking forward to trying these.
Bourbon Petit Chocolate Chip Cookies; One of the most simply packaged but by far the biggest packet that arrived. These chocolate chip cookies looked very simple, but I wondered if there would be something out of the ordinary about them. They're not, they were as simple as I expected - but absolutely delicious! I'm only slightly ashamed to tell you that I ate the entire packet in one sitting.
Strawberry Pocky; I'm not a stranger to Pocky, so I don't have too much to say about these!
Glico Collon Biscuit Rolls; The second biggest package, and another one I haven't actually tried yet. I'm actually a little afraid to try these, because they just don't look nice at all! I honestly expect to be pleasantly surprised, but to me they look a bit like a sausage roll stuffed with mushy peas or something, ugh! I'm sure they're not at all. I could be completely off but I'm pretty sure that these are actually green tea flavour, which is...different! I'm not entirely sure I'm looking forward to trying these, but I'm definitely intrigued!
Pokemon Pineapple Chewy Candy; As it says really! I am a big Pokemon fan so I do appreciate this addition.
So, that was my first box of Japanese goodies! I was really happy with this box. It was full of all sorts of interesting, different, and most importantly tasty treats, and I definitely look forward to getting another one.
In fact, a friend has signed up to a different box - we're looking forward to receiving his too so that we can compare them both!
There are a fair few Japanese candy boxes on the market but if you're interested in signing up to the same one as me, you can get your JapanCandyBox from their website, here! It costs $19.90 a month (less if you get a longer subscription) and had free shipping everywhere, including to me in the UK!

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