Sunday, 16 August 2015

Japanese Candy Time; Kracie's Popin Cookin Hamburger Kit

I have long been intrigued by the adorable little Japanese DIY food kits I've seen - in particular, Kracie's Popin' Cookin' sets. So I was really excited to come across this little kit, which makes you two mini hamburgers, a little packet of fries, and a little drink of cola.

The above box arrived, and I couldn't wait to get started. However, my start was a little delayed as I mentioned it to a friend who also wanted in on the action, which I was very pleased about actually as it really did take two of us to work out what we were supposed to do. We very quickly gave in and found English translations for the instructions, but it was still very helpful to have someone filling you in on what you were supposed to do - and most importantly, to help you taste them at the end!

The above is the contents of the box. You get some little packets which are basically the ingredients, a little knife and spoon, a little cup, a sort of plastic tub which you basically end up cutting up to make the different sections, and then the packet that it's all sitting on cuts up into a little sheet to set your food on and what you need to make the packaging for all the food.

Making the labels are simple enough. You cut out the little sections and stick them where necessary to create the packaging.

Ta-da! A cute little packet for your fries, and a label for your drinks. There were also two little flags that go in your burgers, but we didn't bother making these as we didn't have any toothpicks to put them on. They were cute though!

The majority of the food making is pretty simple. You pour the packets into various containers, add water, mix them up, and then place them in the microwave.

And that leaves you with something that looks a bit like this!

In this case, this was the mixture to make the cute little fries. You then push them down into the container, empty it out, and use the little knife to cut along the lines to create your chips.


The others were all made in much the same way.

This one made the burgers. The burgers contained the actual burger, buns, cheese, and tomato ketchup. And after this, it was time to make the cola!

And there we have it! A cute little set of miniature food. And most importantly, how did it taste? The fries we thought had the wrong texture but actually did taste like chips. The cola didn't taste QUITE like cola, but we both still enjoyed it. The burgers were what we the most apprehensive about as they had the most opportunity to really not taste great. However we were both surprised to find that they actually did taste like burgers - obviously not the best burgers you've ever eaten, but still pretty good!

We both ended up really enjoying making these cute little foods. It's a bit of an odd experience as it takes a fair bit of time to make what you basically eat in three mouthfuls, but we both enjoyed doing it and will definitely be making more in the future!


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