Monday, 24 August 2015

My Trip to Majorca!

I just got back from a three day trip to Majorca, and overall had a great time there - despite it ending up being nowhere near enough and the fact that the rain was pretty torrential the entire time!

We stayed in Portal Nous, on the south of the island. It was a lovely little area with a big harbour that we had lots of fun exploring. Some of the boats were absolutely amazing, but seriously, the price tag that comes with one of those things! Still, we were definitely jealous of all the people having their meals on their boats.

The area was also absolutely lovely by night. It had some amazing looking restaurants down there - unfortunately, they were also very expensive ones! So though we often lusted over the menus and the lovely restaurants with their pretty harbour views, we didn't actually eat at any of them as they were just too expensive. Luckily, we found some much cheaper restaurants near our hotel, but it was a disappointment not to get a chance to sample any of these fancy ones.

We were about twenty minutes by bus from the capital, Palma. The first day was a right nightmare in getting one of the buses though - a grand total of about four or five went past us before one would finally let us on - and the buses weren't exactly frequent!

The wait was worth it though, as Palma was a really lovely little city, full of little cobblestone paths and beautiful houses. It's a really nice place to just walk around and explore.
Unfortunately, it rained - a lot! The first day there it rained for a good five or so hours. And a lot of the time it got torrential. We refused to buy an umbrella, thinking that it would surely stop soon - it didn't, it just got heavier! By the time we wanted to give in and buy one it was far too late, with both of us having our clothes turn see through!
This did give us time to hide in the Arab baths for a bit of exploring though.

This was my friends first holiday, so we had to laugh about how wet it was. We managed to stay in oddly good spirits despite the fact that we were freezing and completely soaked through!
Our spirits went down a bit when we absolutely could not find the bus back. We walked for maybe an hour trying to find the bus stop - ironically, later on we discovered that both times I suggested we go back and double check somewhere, there had actually been a bus stop there! It took us ages to find a taxi that was available, luckily when we finally did it was only 15 Euros for the trip which was nowhere near as bad as we'd been expecting.

Naturally, about an hour after we had finally gotten back to the hotel - the sun came out! Thanks a lot, Majorca.

The next day, we headed back to Palma to try again!
It DID end up raining again, but this time we were sensible and bought umbrellas the first time we saw them. And the rain didn't end up being anywhere near as bad!

Yep, here it comes again!

I should mention that I have been to Majorca once before, but it was about ten years ago. I didn't really enjoy myself on that trip; I went with my then boyfriend and his family for a week. All they really wanted to do was sit around at the swimming pool and the beach while I was more about the exploring and trying to get around! I thought a week was much too long as I didn't enjoy the trip, so this time we just went with three days. And were very wrong, it was nowhere near enough!
On our final morning, we discovered we were only about a ten minute walk from Marineland, so we headed over there.
I didn't really enjoy it all that much. It is a very small park, but more than that, I felt a bit sad for the animals. I'm not normally the sort of person who complains about animals in captivity - I'm quite open about being a fan of SeaWorld, though I know that's a very unpopular opinion these days! But the animals here just didn't seem the happiest.

They had these really pretty ducks there. My friend, who had never been abroad before, asked me if ducks were considered an exotic species over in Spain which I found quite amusing.

The main reason you go to Marineland is to see their dolphin and sealion show. I was actually pretty impressed with the sealion show and would say it was up to SeaWorld standard. I didn't like the dolphin show as much but it wasn't by any means a bad show. We also saw the parrot show, which wasn't good at all! It was an odd sort of show, as one host spoke Spanish whilst the other spoke English. This would be fine, but you would only understand half of what was going on - as in, one host would say something in Spanish, and the other person would reply to their comment in English, and you had absolutely no idea what was said. It was very strange, and I'd have preferred it to be purely in Spanish - it would probably have been much less confusing!

And finally, back to the pool for a last bit of relaxing before we had to go back to the airport!

Overall we had a good time, despite the perpetual rain! We could definitely have done with more days, but that may have been because we ended up having to do Palma twice so missed out on some other things we had wanted to do and because we didn't get much beach time at all. We're not beach people, but a little bit would have been nice!

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