Monday, 10 August 2015

YouBeauty Discovery Box August 2015; Summer Essentials

 Welcome to August's YouBeauty Discovery Box, which this month had the theme of Summer Essentials! I won't lie, I actually found it pretty difficult to choose my box contents for this month so I wasn't too sure what to expect.

 My first choice was this amazing grace three in one cleanser, which cleanses, tones, and takes away eye make up all in one go. This is actually a really good product - I happened to have it in my handbag when I stayed at a friends house and it was really useful to have because of the size. It also smells amazing, probably one of the nicest smelling products I've come across in a little while.
 Included in all boxes was this sachet of self tan. To be honest I haven't really looked at this yet; the last box also came with a self tan, I didn't use it then and I won't use this now! It seems like a small amount to use for a self tan product, not really enough to get a feel for how well it works without looking a bit odd and uneven.

 My next choice was this mineral bronzer, by Inka. It describes itself as being perfect to add a summery glow all year round, and it definitely is a nice shade. I don't actually own any bronzer as I'm very pale and feel that that look works for me well enough anyway, but this is a pretty shade and I plan on giving it a try.
 Finally, the box also came with this mini book. Again, I'll be honest, I haven't actually looked at this as I've read some things from the author before and I know I don't like the writing style. It's a nice idea for something to include though.
 Overall, I found this to be the most disappointing YouBeauty box in a while. I really love the cleanser but not so keen on the rest, and to be honest it took me a while to choose what I wanted as apart from the cleanser nothing really appealed to me. This happened last month too, when I actually thought there were some really good products on offer however because I was a whole one day late to picking my box, everything I wanted was sold out already!
Unfortunately, this is going to be my last YouBeauty box for a while. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to choose what I want as I've noticed products have become quite samey and are offering more of what I already own quite a bit of, ie hair products, or stuff I can't actually use, like nail polishes. It also bothers me that you have to be SO quick to choose your products, which doesn't always work with shift workers like me. I still think this box is great value and I much prefer choosing my own products, however at the moment this box isn't quite for me though I'm still going to keep an eye on what they're sending out and will most likely return to it at some point in the future! If you'd like to sign up yourself, you can do so here!

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