Thursday, 10 September 2015

Book Review: Station Eleven

This month, I've been reading Station Eleven, by Emily St.John Mandel.

I immediately loved the idea of this book; a story based around the Georgia flu, a flu that within two weeks manages to wipe out 99% of the population - and of course, taking electricity, petrol, and the rest of the world we know with it.

In particular, it focuses on a group of characters who travel the remains of America together as the Travelling Symphony, who perform music and Shakespeare plays in what's left of the country. It also focuses on the character of Arthur Leander, a celebrity who died just before the Georgia flu took over, and his connection and impact on other characters.

I really liked the idea of this book as it took a different approach to your standard end of the world story. And I immediately enjoyed reading it as well - the narrative is just very different from other books of the genre and seemed much more realistic, focusing on different viewpoints to what you would normally find. I found it a very interesting read, and it is a book that gives you a lot to think about; for example, coincidentally I was sitting on an airplane reading the book as it began to describe what had happened to people who had been at an airport just as commercial air flight ceased to exist, which I found a really interesting read. From there it began to describe what people began to do to be able to live within such areas, which again I really enjoyed reading.

Towards the end I'd say that this book lost steam. It began to feel just like they were trying to tie up all the loose ends, where the rest of it had been a really well told story. I would still say that about 95% of this book was a brilliant read, and therefore I'd definitely recommend it!

Station Eleven is available via amazon, here. 

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