Friday, 25 September 2015

My 10 Favourite Blogs

I'm all about sharing the bloggy love, so I thought what better time than to share my top ten blogs with you? Nearly all of my choices are lifestyle ones, with a little bit of fashion thrown in. Hopefully you find some you like hidden in there!

Please note; the blogs I have featured are in no particular order! I literally ran them through a randomiser to get the order as I find it really hard to rank any of these as I love them all for completely different reasons!

1. Which Beauty Box UK? Jaina's blog is definitely the odd one out in my list of favourites as it's the only one that sticks strictly to one topic - unsurprisingly, subscription boxes! I do really love beauty boxes even though I no longer subscribe to any, and I definitely always like seeing what sort of products they're currently sending out. Jaina takes great pictures, has brilliant write ups of what she's getting, is lovely, and lets me live vicariously through her!

2. Little Miss Katy. Katy's blog is a wonderful lifestyle blog featuring all sorts of posts from her daily life to her opinions and thoughts. I think my favourite part about LMK is that it's really relatable - When Katy writes, you can pretty much hear her talking to you and really see her personality coming across and feel like you're probably reading something from a friend which is something I really love in a blog. She posts about all sorts of goings on and happy things and is always a great read when you want a bit of cheering up or to get some good ideas!

3. Dorkface Blog. I really, really love Jemma's blog. She's absolutely lovely, and writes about all sorts of varied and fun topics. We share a lot of the same interests so I'm definitely biased here, but I love reading about her kawaii goodies or the fun things she's been up to. She also posts some more serious topics such as about her anxiety which I think is great as well - you really feel like you're reading about someone who you know really well; and I wish I did because I think we'd be awesome friends, justsayin'! 

4. WishWishWish. I'm pretty sure everyone already knows who Carrie is, but I didn't think I could do a top ten without including her. Carrie's blog is a beautiful fashion focused one, filled with all sorts of perfect photos and great fashion choices. I don't have too much to say about Carrie's blog because I think the pictures speak for themselves!

5. Becky Bedbug; Becky's blog is almost certainly one you already know, as her blog has been around since basically forever, somehow manages to get an update every single day, and because she's super active on twitter chats and twitter in general. I enjoy Becky's blog because it's a proper lifestyle blog, with little anecdotes on what she's currently up to and lots of love to other blogs which always means I find something new to read through her. 

6. Sailor Jennie; Jennie's blog is one I've been following since, oof, at least three years now! Jennie's a very sweet blogger who takes the time to get to know her subscribers, which is something I really appreciate seeing. We have a lot of the same interests, so I enjoy seeing her beauty reviews and other ponderings. 

7. Forever Amber. Amber's blog is probably the most fashiony blog that I follow, and I do enjoy checking out her fashion posts as she does have some awesome taste, especially in shoes! If only I could actually wear heels... However it's her lifestyle posts that I like the most, as she takes the time to write really detailed and thought out posts that you can tell took a lot of effort. I always find myself really relating to the things that she says, and remembering things from my own experiences from what she talks about.

8. Cider With Rosie. Rosie's blog is another of the big ones that I'm sure you're already very familiar with, as CWR is a super active blog with all sorts of beautiful pictures and descriptions of what Rosie's been up to. Rosie's blog is another true lifestyle blog covering her thoughts and feelings and daily activities, although absolutely always happy! I don't tend to like reading 5 Happy Things posts but I do always like reading Rosie's as they just seem so genuine and thought out, and like you're reading something from one of your best friends.

9. Hannah Gale. Though Hannah's blog is a varied lifestyle one, the posts I most enjoy reading are her list posts. It's no surprise to me that she used to be a journalist, because her list posts remind me of all my favourite bits in magazines I used to read - though a bit more grown up, of course!

10. Rent or Chanel? Georgina's blog is a new one to me, but one that I'm already really enjoying. Georgina posts about topics that are a bit different from other blogs - for example, her recent Disney princess take over! It's very much a lifestyle blog but with some really creative ideas and some lovely pictures.


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