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2015's Beauty Advent Calendars - My Top 10

Last year I didn't jump on the beauty advent calendar and I really regretted it. I really liked the idea, but firstly things that I wanted started to sell out really quickly, then I thought I'd get one on boxing day but then when I actually turned up to get it it just wasn't as appealing anymore as the novelty had worn off a bit...! First world problems, I know.

Anyway, since there's about a zillion offerings this year, here's my top ten favourite calendars available this year to hopefully help you choose the one you'd like to get if you're thinking of giving one a try this year. They are ordered from lowest to highest price!
Bomb Cosmetics - £19
A much cheaper alternative to Lush's offering, Bomb Cosmetics' calendar provides you with 24 bath bombs at a very affordable price! Of course BOMB's bombs (urgh!) aren't quite as over the top and spectacular as Lush's are, but I still think they more than do the job and like to have a little stash of them waiting for when I need them. If you're the same or haven't tried one of their products before, this one may be worth giving a go!

First of all, I'm very surprised to be putting this calendar in the cheaper end of this post, but of course that's definitely not a bad thing. Benefit's calendar was probably the biggest calendar success of last year, selling out pretty much everywhere very early on. This year they've gone a bit smaller, and the calendar comes with 12 mini products of favourites including The Porefessional and They're Real mascara (which I love to the extent that I got three of them last time they were on sale, so...) A smaller selection than last years, but this one doesn't come with any of the strange filler products that the last one did so perhaps not such a bad thing. This is one of the ones I'm definitely considering as I only own a few Benefit products but I really like what I do have, and this seems like a great value way to discover more of them.

Ciate - £49
Sadly I can already tell you that this product isn't one that I'll be buying as I'm not allowed to wear nail polish at work so what would the point be? However, this is a fantastic looking box. I always look forward to seeing what Ciate brings out each year as I know they can always be counted on to release a really pretty box, with some really pretty shades. I love that this year there seems to be a big focus on the pastel shades as well as a few glitters - This is a really nice selection.

Lush - £49
At time of writing, I can't actually find out what's in this box but of course it's all Lush products, and if you like the Lush scents then I'm certain you'll like these. I think it's a little disappointing that the box is so expensive - I actually think the price is a bit disproportionate compared to what other companies have released this year. Their Christmas goodies are always good though, so if you enjoy them then I'm sure you'll enjoy these!

YouBeauty Discovery - £59
I think this box has to be the best value of the year, as their products are worth over £330 which is amazing! I always enjoy seeing YouBeauty's boxes and was a subscriber for quite some time so I was looking forward to seeing what they'd be throwing out for Christmas, and this is definitely a good one. There's a great range of beauty products containing basically everything you'd ever need from lots of well known brands; Products include a Benefit mascara, a Burt's Bees deep cleansing cream, and an ESPA serum.

The Body Shop - £60/£80
I think The Body Shop's calendar may well be the one for me this year, as last year this was one of the two boxes I most regretted not buying. Although, having said that, I did more than alright in their boxing day sales which helped numb the pain a little bit! This year they're releasing two boxes, both featuring lots of brilliant products from across their range. For me I think I'm really leaning towards getting this box, and if I do I'm going to be going for the premium choice as it includes more of their Christmas range, and other ranges that I don't already own products from. I'm a big Body Shop fan and have never disliked a product I've owned from them, and if you're a fan too this is probably a good one to go with!

Look Fantastic - £70
Look Fantastic's box is another great value one, offering you products worth £220. Unfortunately though, they've provided almost no information about what you actually get in the box! I'm all for keeping a lot of the products a surprise and prefer not to know everything myself, but I need a little bit to work on if I'm going to give you an update about it so unfortunately I'm going to have to leave this one as is. I'm still including it in the post though, because LookFantastic are yet to do something I consider bad value so I'm sure they've got something great up their sleeves in this!

Selfridges - £95
Selfridges is another calendar that did really well this year, so I'm surprised by how reasonable I consider the price of this one to be - I really thought they'd take advantage and increase it, so I'm pleased to see that they haven't. I love the theme of this Cosmic Beauty box, and of course love some of the products that you're getting with it as well! What I will say though, is that this box is almost exclusive to three brands. They're great brands (YSL, Kiehl's, Lancome) but I think it's a bit disappointing that almost all of the box is just those three - especially when it's Selfridges, and I know they most definitely have a lot more variety they could have included for this.

Liberty's Advent Calendar - £149
Liberty's are another big one in the advent calendar game - and I'll be honest, I was actually surprised by the price as I thought they'd be charging a lot more for it. A traditionally Liberty's box, this one contains all sorts of luxury products from the likes of the big spa brands, ESPA, Dermalogica and Aromatherapy Associates as well as some of the make up biggies like NARS. This isn't personally one I'd go for, as though I love many of the spa products I'm just not sure how much of this would actually get used - but the value on this is over £400, so if this is something you'd be interested in then it looks like a good one!

Jo Malone Advent Calendar - £260
And finally, the most expensive advent calendar on my list is this offering from Jo Malone. Would I pay this much? Absolutely never. But if you would, and you're a fan of Jo Malone scents, then I'm sure you'll enjoy this giant box of Jo Malone treats!

That's my top ten over; what are your favourites?

Personally I do love the idea of these and sometimes I find it so hard to choose. Even more so when some of the boxes are offering such fantastic value and savings of literally hundreds - however, if I'm not actually going to use most of the products, is it really that much of a saving?! This year I'm definitely going to get hold of one though and not leave it too late like last year!


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