Monday, 19 October 2015

Bloggers' Hangout; Bloggers Pop Up Kitchen event review

I recently attended the Bloggers' Pop Up Kitchen, hosted by Bloggers' Hangout, and thought I'd share a little bit of information about some of my favourite brands that I discovered at the event - as well as a little bit about how I felt about the event overall! 

To start with, let's talk about the above brand - Hillery & Son. Hillery & Son is a brand making Jamaican alcohol - which by the way, is very strong! There are three fruity flavours available (grape was definitely the best!) and I would actually really recommend them. I'm not normally much of an alcohol drinker - I might have a cocktail and that'll be about it, but these flavours were absolutely delicious and I definitely think I'm going to be picking a set up for a party I'm hosting later this year. The pair promoting it were also absolutely lovely and full of lots of information and just great to chat to in general!

Next up we have this lovely looking display of sweet treats from La Di Da Sweet Treats. These were pretty nice and a little bit differed - chocolate covered Oreos! It was really hard to get any information from the people promoting them unfortunately and being honest these are probably more expensive than I'm willing to pay as is the trend of foodie things available in Selfridges, but worth a try if this is your thing!

 Next up is the absolutely delicious Sweet Cheesus, manufacturers of wonderful cheesecakes in a variety of great flavours. I tried the salted caramel cheesecake and it really was very good - and I am someone who eats a fair bit of home desserts! These are a bit pricey compared to other products out there but they really are very good, and I would recommend them as a very special treat. They aren't something I'd get all the time as they're so rich and again a bit more expensive than anything I normally buy, but I'd definitely buy them from time to time as a little treat to myself!
 I'm not the best person to advertise T Sticks as, well, I don't drink tea, but I still thought I'd throw these guys out there. They are sticks that you swirl around in your mug to fill with tea - there are three things that I really liked about this product despite not being a tea drinker myself. I thought the idea was great, as I'm someone who's on the move all the time at work, these would be something that you could keep in a pocket easily for when you get a chance to make yourself a drink. I liked that they came in a big variety of different fruity flavours, because I do much prefer something a bit unusual. And finally, I also really liked the guy who was there promoting the brand - he was very friendly, and chatted to me with as much information as he could for quite some time despite me clearly not being his target market!
My final picture is this fruity juice, from Nosh. Nosh had three different flavours available and I went with this fruity one, which was a mixture of passion fruit, pineapple, melon and mango juice. What's different about Nosh compared to other juice brands is that they don't fill their products with anything else, so if you're health or nutrition conscious this is probably a good one for you to try. Unfortunately I have to be honest and say that as much as I like the idea behind the brand I didn't really enjoy this product - however my friend did and was very happy to take it off of me!

A final brand I don't have a picture for but would like to mention is Remeo Gelato. I am ridiculously picky when it comes to gelato which is probably a side effect of having lived in Italy, and I will quite happily say that this is the best gelato I've had in this country. I will definitely be buying myself a little tub of chocolate!

Overall this was a good event with lots of really interesting brands. I am a big foodie and I hadn't heard of most of the brands going in however have found a couple that I will definitely be purchasing from again. I didn't stay for too long at the event as unfortunately it was just so crowded that it made things quite hard work - I also found that most people had come in groups and didn't seem to have much interest in chatting to people outside of their groups unfortunately, however I had little chats with a few other people who had gone on their own and they were all very nice.

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