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Introducing Aymie, of the Aymie Louise Blog!

This month, I'd like to introduce you all to Aymie, of the AymieLouise Blog. Aymie is very much a lifestyle blogger, also posting about fashion and beauty - and more recently, lots of travel posts too that make me only a little bit bitter that I'm out of holiday days this year. Have a look below to read her answers to a little Q&A we did, then scroll on down to the bottom to get all of her social media links - and don't forget to check out her blog too, of course!

Tell us a bit about yourself, and what sort of posts people can expect to find if they follow your blog?
My blog covers lifestyle fashion and beauty but I like to add in the odd post or series about travel, my posts are really quite varied so if you like to read blogs about a mix of topics you'll hopefully enjoy mine.

You've got lots of travel posts up at the moment - What are the three places you'd love to visit next?
That's a super tough question, I keep writing posts about travel bucket lists or wishlists but it's always difficult to pin-point just three... I do want to check out Los Angeles, Milan and Barcelona though.

And on that note - if you could pick just one place you've been to as your absolute favourite, where would it be?
Yet another tough one! I would probably say Hong Kong so far, it's just so much different to what it's like anywhere else. It's also quite varied so it's the perfect mix of modern and traditional.

What kind of work/education do you do at the moment, and what are you hoping to be doing in the future?
At the moment I'm completing a City & Guilds qualification in digital marketing, I guess that I'd love to work in social media or something to do with blogging.

You're planning on starting your own YouTube channel soon - what are your favourite YouTube channels of the moment?
I've watched Samantha Maria on Youtube for quite a while, she's always been a favourite of mine to watch. Other than that I love to watch Zoe LDN and Helen Anderson, they do quite chatty videos about my interests so they're really quite relateable. 

I'm very jealous of the fact that you can pull off short hair - Who are your hair inspirations?
I didn't think I could, thanks! My main inspiration was Jennifer Lawrence when I went to get it cut but right now I'm just experimenting with different looks and seeing what works. I also like Kaley Cuoco's short do so I imagine that her style will be an influence in the coming months.

I've been reading through your monthly favourites posts - But what would you say are your top three products of the year so far?
So far this year I would say the Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray (it smells amazing!), the EOS Lemon Drop Balm and the Dragon's Egg bath bomb from LUSH - it makes my skin feel so soft and conditioned!

Who is your favourite female celebrity, and why?
I would probably say Hayley Atwell from Agent Carter as she's always herself and she's a great role model for those of us who are neither model thin or plus-size as she's got a really relateable personality and shape.

How about your favourite male celebrity?

How long have we got? I would say Chris Evans or Sebastian Stan but I want to say someone who isn't in Marvel so probably Gerard Way, have you seen his Twitter stream recently? Weird guy.

And finally - why should people follow your blog?

My blog is just really varied, I personally like to get a good mix because I get bored easily with blogs that only have one theme, not that they're bad, I just like to binge read blogs rather than read one post at a time. I really appreciate any feedback and I love getting post suggestions so let me know and I can put together a piece. :)

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Thanks to Aymie for taking part in this Q&A! Check out her links above, and you'll also find out a little more about her as well as some of my other advertisers in next weeks Blog Spotlight post.

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