Monday, 5 October 2015

JapanCandyBox - August 2015

 Last month, I received my second JapanCandyBox, and I was very excited after how much I'd enjoyed the first one! So let's see what was inside...

 This is a Kracie DIY candy kit that lets you make your own candy chain. I haven't actually tried this one yet, but I do tend to like all of their products so I'm sure this one will be delicious too.
 Bourbon Petite Chocolate Filled Cookies; I was so disappointed with these, but that isn't necessarily their fault. It's not that they're bad biscuits, but the last box came with another product in this style and it was just so unexpectedly delicious that I think my hopes were too high for these! They're...fine, I suppose, but nowhere near as good as the biscuits I got in the last pack.
 Super Sour Grape Gummies; Oh god, these are just SO unpleasant. I put one in my mouth whilst we were in the car and immediately wanted it out again. The flavour just hits you so quickly and it's so strong and so not even slightly nice! My friend who was in the car with me also tried one, and initially thought they were okay and didn't understand my reaction - ten seconds later, he was feeling exactly the same! That being said, one of my other friends absolutely loves them and so these have been happily donated along.
 Puccho Watermelon Chewy Candy; How cute is the packaging to this? I love the adorable little watermelon people.
 Kracie DIY kit; I haven't tried this yet, and frankly I'm afraid to. I guess it makes some sort of drink, and I can't see how that could possibly be good! Having said that, when I made the little hamburger DIY kit that came with a little drink of soda that you make and that was actually delicious, so maybe I should be more optimistic, but right now this is just remaining on the edge of my shelf in a wary sort of way.
 Yaokin Sour Paper Candy; What is it with sour grape things this month?! This is a really thin  yet really strongly flavoured candy.
 Moominvalley biscuits; Who knew that Moomins were still a thing? I haven't seen these characters for years and can't really remember anything about them apart from the theme tune, but I was still pleased to see these. These are little biscuits that are quite nice, but really really dry so definitely need to be eaten dunked in tea or something along those lines!
 Caramel Corn; no surprises with this one!
 Rilakkuma biscuit sticks; First of all, I do love the packaging to these, I love that little guy. However, I didn't love the sticks. I think my mistake was in thinking that they'd be really similar to Pocky, when aside from looks they're not really at all as they're quite plain. They're still nice though as a little snack, but they're not the sort of thing I'd go out and buy.
 Biscuit sticks; How much do these look like those little Nutella packs?! I'm pretty sure that's exactly what they are, but unfortunately I'll never be able to tell you as my friend nabbed them before I had the chance to give them a try :(
 That's my JapanCandyBox for the month - what did you think? For me it wasn't quite as exciting as last month and the flavours weren't quite as delicious, but I still really like this box and am looking forward to the next one. To get your own, head on over to their website!


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