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October's Blog Spotlight Post

I'm very happy to have restarted my Blog Spotlight post - introducing you to some new bloggers you'll hopefully want to follow and showing you my favourite posts from around the Blogosphere. This month, I've got four blogs I'd like to introduce you to, and five favourite posts I think you should check it. Let's get on with it then shall we?

The first blog I'm going to introduce you to this month is the Aymie Louise Blog, who I've really enjoyed getting to know over the last month. Aymie's blog covers a little bit of everything, including lifestyle, fashion and beauty and was a new discovery for me. I've enjoyed reading her blog as I just love blogs that cover a little bit of everything - and better than that, finding her blog has let me get to know Aymie a little bit as well, which I'm very happy about as she's just lovely to chat to! This month, I've particularly enjoyed reading Aymie's Glossybox unboxing which I appreciated as it was a really honest review about the products - and I do love a good beauty box, even if I'm not subscribed to any myself anymore! I also really liked her make up tutorial on creating a carnival inspired Halloween look - I especially like how she's done the products around the eyes, it may be a bit late for me to do it for Halloween but I reckon I can make the eye makeup work year round if I try hard enough...! Aymie has lots of travel posts at the moment, but my personal favourite was her post on must see sights of Hong Kong. I found it a really interesting read and it is a place I plan to go to eventually so one that may come in handy for me! If you haven't read it yet, I also posted a Q&A with Aymie last week which you can read here if you're interested in learning a bit more about her!

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The second blog I'm going to be introducing you to is another blog that's new to me, Tea in The Tub, written by Helen. I would describe Helen's blog as a lifestyle, beauty and travel blog with an emphasis on cruelty free products. Right now, Helen's living in Australia but is from the UK herself, so it's been interesting reading all about her adventures there! This month, I've enjoyed reading her review of Lush's Celebrate body lotion - I haven't even looked at the Christmas products this year, but maybe this is a hint that I should be!  She also took part in the 50 Things That Make Me Happy tag which I know is always a popular one (if only I was more optimistic and less ranty hey?) complete with pictures - I think these posts are always a good way to get to know a blogger a bit better! And finally, the post I have found the most interesting to read is her post on doing regional farmwork in Australia. I found this to be such an interesting read and am deliberatley not writing too much about it here as I think it's one you should really read for yourself - I especially loved the pictures that came with it and hope to see more on this!

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The third blog I'm introducing you to this month is one I'm very happy to be featuring as it's a blog I've been following myself for quite some time; Hello Miss Jordan! I can already give you a bazillion reasons to follow Jordan, as I've always been a big fan of her posts. She's a lifestyle and fashion blogger who posts the most beautiful pictures and photoshoots and has awesome taste in, uh, pretty much everything? But alas, I do have to pick out my three favourite posts for you this month as difficult as it may be. Actually, the first one is pretty easy, as it's Jordan's post on a photoshoot she did in this gorgeous New York dress. I love everything about this photoshoot - the dress looks great, the location is stunning, and of course Jordan looks gorgeous in it as well! I also enjoyed her post on some cute Cornwall Soapbox candles she's been loving lately - It's not a company I'd heard of before and I do appreciate me some good candles so I think these are probably some I should be checking out myself. Finally, I'd have to pick Jordan's post on The Bloggers' Blog Awards. There are some really lovely pictures on there and the event looks like it was so much fun!

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The final blog I'm introducing you to this month is Ballpoints and Biscuits, written by Pippa. Pippa's blog is very much a lifestyle one and talks about her adventures (with lots of pretty photos!), gives advice and anecdotes and keeps you up to date on what she's been up to. This month I enjoyed reading her Borough Market haul - which I'm pretty jealous of by the way! Despite living pretty close I haven't actually been to Borough Market in quite some time and I don't think I've ever actually bought anything there before - I'm very much the person who goes around and samples all the free cheeses and leaves it at that! I also enjoyed reading about her trip to Amsterdam, which is somewhere I keep meaning to visit but never quite get around to. Clearly I should hurry up with this as her photos look amazing! Another post that I think some of you would find really useful is her post on tips for freshers; so if you've just headed off to university or it's something you're thinking about, this is the one for you!

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Five Posts I've Enjoyed This Month...

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