Thursday, 22 October 2015

Restaurant Review: Hawksmoor Knightsbridge

I'm pretty sure everyone who lives in or near London has heard of Hawksmoor, very well known for their high quality steaks and beautiful venues. I'd never actually been to Hawksmoor, although I'd really wanted to for the longest time, as they're a bit pricey to go out and try and they are one of those places that never seems to do any deals - because of course, they don't have to! So I was very excited when I saw that they were offering a set menu deal as part of October's London Restaurant Festival. As I had a steak loving friend with a birthday coming up, this was the best opportunity I could think of to go and give it a go!

For my starter, I had the above salad. It was absolutely delicious! I genuinely don't think I have ever had a nicer salad.

 I don't actually like steak, so for my main I had the hake and chose the side of salad. It was really nice! My friend did of course have the steak and he absolutely loved it and said he hadn't had a better one - I tried a bit and even I liked it! He chose triple cooked chips for his side, and they were delicious as well. As you can see above, we halved both of the sides so we could have a bit more variety to it.

 Finally, the pudding. And OH MY GOD GUYS I don't think I have ever had a pudding I enjoyed more. I had this peanut butter shortbread with ice cream and it was so good, and so creative. The peanut butter isn't too strong so it just added a really nice flavour to it. Then, when you approach the middle you find a surprising treat inside the centre of the star too! This was so delicious I just want more.

My friend on the other hand got this lemony yogurt cheesecake. Again it was really interesting and really delicious. My star was better, but I really liked both!

Overall I really enjoyed my trip to Hawksmoor. This was a brilliant menu and at really good value - I thoroughly enjoyed every course, and I don't say that lightly as the London restaurant scene has been really disappointing me recently unfortunately. I will definitely be looking at visiting them again soon, though most likely in one of their other venues just for a bit of variety, and ordering off their a la carte menu this time. If you'd like to visit yourself, you can get all the details from their website, here!

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