Thursday, 26 November 2015

Abel & Cole Juicing Box Review

When I first moved to London four years ago I was quite a long time subscriber of Abel & Cole. For those that don't know, they are basically a company that delivers organic fruit and veg to you on a weekly basis. I know that they worked out more expensive than just going to the supermarket, but for me it was worth it as they gave really good quality produce and they kept me eating a variety of things - if not for them, I would just eat mushrooms and raspberries each week most likely! But, then I ended up way too busy and most of my stuff ended up unused so it stopped being worth it to me.

However, I recently discovered that they now do juicing boxes! I love my juices, so I thought I'd give it a try.

As you can see, you get three juice and smoothie recipes...

And all the amazing quality organic fruit and veg you need to make these recipes!

So, here's the ingredients for my first juice.

And here was the resulting juice!

This one was very much an aquired taste, as most green juices are! With the first hit, I didn't like it at all. Then it would start to grow on me. Then it would go down in my opinion again. Then it would get really nice again. And then I wouldn't want it anymore. Basically, this juice was a rollercoaster in a cup - but that's probably how I know it was really good for me, right?

 The ingredients for the second...

And the resulting juice! I will admit to not quite following this as I felt that doing the lemon manually was going to take too long so I just threw the whole lemon into the juicer too but I'm glad that I did as this juice was REALLY really nice. It had a big variety of flavours to it and I felt energised pretty much straight away. I was also surprised by my discovery that sunflower seeds actually do produce something when chucked into a juicer - I genuinely thought I was missing a point and just wasting a bunch of seeds, but nope!

I didn't take pictures of the third juice we made as I made it with a friend when we were in a bit of a rush, but we both really enjoyed that too - him to the extent that he's interested in getting his own juicer now - even after he had to help me clean up mine!

These juicing boxes aren't something I'd get every week as the effort of having to repeatedly clean the juicer out means I'm not going to - plus, they do of course work out quite expensive. That being said, these boxes I do think are good value. I think getting the recipes with your boxes makes a big difference, and there's also a bit of self discipline in there too - if I was to make juices on my own, I would not include any vegetables and just make the sweetest tasting things I can, so it's good to get these as I have to actually put the green things in there as well. I think I may look at getting these every three weeks or so, as I do think they definitely make a difference.

A seasonal juice and smoothie box costs £12.50 - and you can view the details here!

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