Monday, 23 November 2015

Hotel Chocolat's Christmas/Winter Range 2015

 It's never been any secret that I am a long time Hotel Chocolat fan. I've been a subscriber to their monthly tasting club for probably four years now, I've gone to a few events, and their chocolate boxes are my go-to gift when I don't have something more specific in mind. Therefore when Hotel Chocolat contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in trying out some of their new Christmas and winter goodies, of course I was always going to say yes!

 So when this bag of goodies turned up at my door step, I was beyond excited. Unfortunately, this arrived just before I had to go away for a few days so I left it perfectly wrapped up at first. The perils of having to take photographs of things!

 The first item I chose was this Winter Desserts H-Box, that costs £12. I already knew I was going to pick this one, as literally the day before I had bought this very box as a thank you present for a friend, and he'd spoken so highly of it that I knew I wanted one for myself!

 And look at how pretty it is! I loved the sound of all the desserts and I couldn't wait to get started on them.

 Most of them were absolutely delicious! The Caramel Chocolate Pot was always going to be one of the best ones - if there's one thing Hotel Chocolat does well, it's ANYTHING caramel based. I don't know why, but theirs are just far superior to anything anywhere else produces.

 Other favourites were the Tiramisu, the Raspberry Hazelnut Torte, and the Mousse au Chocolat.

In fact, almost all of them were absolutely delicious - the only one that was a real disappointment for me was the Carrot Cake. I mean, it was true to its name, but it was just way too carroty for me! Overall though, an absolutely delicious box with a real variety of chocolates in there. I think this would be a great gift for anybody as there are so many different flavours in there that there's bound to be something for everybody. 

The next thing I chose were these Dozen Portly Penguins, for £7. And isn't the reason obvious? They are absolutely adorable! I'm a big penguin fan anyway so I was always going to lean towards these, but they are just so cute, I had to have them.

 HOW CUTE?! I can't even. These are made from Hotel Chocolat's delicious 40% milk chocolate, and they're a bit bigger than they look as well. They look like they'd be quite thin but they're not, you get a good solid chunk of chocolate to bite into with these. Again, I think these would be a great present - they're cute and delicious, and who doesn't like adorable little penguins?

My final choice was this Jolly Santa, which costs £7 and like his little penguin friends is made of 40% milk chocolate. I was really impressed with the design of this Santa - he is decorated SO carefully and with so much attention to detail, and I think he looks amazing. Of course, he tastes pretty fantastic too! If you like the idea of him but aren't the biggest Santa fan, you can get Dasher the Reindeer instead! I think either of these would be good gifts - I'd say they're aimed at younger chocolate fans, but they're still something that I think anyone would be pretty pleased with.

Interested in purchasing one of your own? You can look through the whole of Hotel Chocolat's Christmas range on their website, here!


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