Thursday, 19 November 2015

Restaurant Review: Lunch at Oblix at the Shard

Before I start this review, I should be upfront about the fact that I am not a fan of the Shard. I think it's an ugly building, and I've always felt the restaurants in it to be overpriced so I was never interested in going to them. I love my high up restaurants - I think everything over at the Sky Garden is brilliant, I love the Duck & Waffle, and if you count it I also think the OXO Tower is amazing. But the Shard? Meh. From the second I saw how much they planned on charging for the view I decided that I wasn't interested. HOWEVER, Oblix had a 3 course meal for £35 including champagne offer going on if you go lunch time Monday-Friday - hooray for occasional advantages to shift working, right? And so off we went.

It actually started much more positively than I expected. To get to Oblix, you go through this really cool corridor. I'm serious! It's like a cave. It's dark, lit by torches, with little water features everywhere. I loved it and suddenly my expectations went from non existent to seriously high. Unfortunately, it all went down from there as the rest of the design of the restaurant isn't really there at all - this place is completely the opposite of Sky Garden, in that it's decided that it has a good view so doesn't need to do anything else, which is a disappointment. But on to the food!

 For starters, I began with this salmon salad. Which was very big for a starter, a bit dull but overall a nice meal.

 For mains I went with the chicken. Again I found this a bit dull as they've clearly just gone with simplicity, but it did taste nice.

 And finally, I had the flourless chocolate cake for pudding. This was probably the more creative of the courses as I hadn't had anything that tasted quite like this before! The texture was a bit unusual but in a good way and overall I enjoyed it.

 You kind of forget that the Shard is directly above London Bridge train station - until you actually look down and realise that the majority of the time your view is of trains! I always find it quite interesting watching transport in general from above, no idea why, I think because they look like little toys.

Overall? It was a very average experience. I consider the price that we paid worth it, but I wouldn't pay any more than that and I wouldn't go again. We both agreed that our food was average throughout and there really wasn't anything done with the room - why go to all the effort to make a fantastic corridor of all places but do nothing with the room itself?!

If you'd like to visit and see for yourself, check out their website, here!

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