Thursday, 12 November 2015

Restaurant Review: Michelin starred Angler

 I recently visited Angler, a Michelin starred seafood restaurant located near Liverpool Street. I was really excited to go and give them a try as seafood is my absolute favourite and of course I'm always up for trying a new Michelin starred place out! Even better, my meal was three courses and a glass of champagne for just £35 - there are some perks of being a shift worker and getting to go to restaurants at lunch time then, hey! Our meal started with the above little pieces which were a good start to the meal, as well as some bread which came with some fishy butter. I'd love to say I could give you a good bit of feedback on it, but unfortunately I only got to have one piece as my friend loved the fishy butter so much he ate all the rest!
 For my starter I went with the beetroot poached salmon with pickled beetroots, walnuts and horseradish cream. Isn't it pretty? I just love when they make an effort to set the food up nicely. Even better, it was delicious too! All the flavours were really strong but all went really well together.

 Speaking of pretty food, my friend went with the seared mackerel with cucumber and avocado and I just love how it was presented. Another thing I really like about the presentation at Angler is the fact that they really do care about how good the food looks - to the extent that your plate colour varies depending on what makes the food look better! It's a little touch, but I liked it.

 For his main, my friend went with the stone bass.

 I went with the cornish cod fillet, which came with aubergine and cumin puree, tomato relish and sauteed prawns. And, honestly, it was just sort of okay. It was fine. This sounds terrible, but really the taste just reminded me of pasta sauce mixed with a bit of fish which was a disappointment.

For dessert we both chose the mango and passionfruit cheesecake, which was absolutely delicious! I loved how it looked and it tasted great - even if I did end up choking on the crumbs!

Overall, this is probably my least favourite starred restaurant I've been to - but it was still of a good standard. I enjoyed two out of three of the courses so it's unfortunate that the main one was a disappointment. However, I will say that Angler run deals relatively frequently so I have lots of friends that have been to it a fair few times, a few who have also eaten their a la carte menu. Every single of one them said that the a la carte food was much better, and most of them were therefore disappointed by the set menu food. In a way this makes sense, as afterall if you're paying much more you expect better value, but it is disappointing if this is deliberate - especially when I quite often use cheaper set menus to decide whether or not I'm happy to go and pay for their full price menu, which unfortunately in this case I don't think I will. All that being said, £35 is still a brilliant price to pay if you're able to get there lunch time Monday-Friday! If you'd like to view their menus, you can do so here.

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