Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Month Through Instagram; October 2015

 First of all, I absolutely love this mug. It is the cutest mug. It is my new favourite. I used to have a red VW Beetle, and I know this isn't a Beetle but it still reminds me of him. And anyone who knows me knows that I LOVED that car. Next up is two books I received this month; I've already finished The Girl on the Train, it was THAT good, and I'll have to do a proper review of it some time soon. That's followed by my new little green ducky buddy who I won at Thorpe Park - by the way, total mistake there. Went on a Monday taking advantage of the whole shift working thing, and that's how I found out it was half term. Yeah, pretty sure me and my friend were the only two people over 18 in the queue at one point, nightmare. And finally on this row is my oversized but wonderful body shop advent calendar!

 In October, I took a spontaneous trip to Killarney, Ireland! And it was wonderful. There's two teaser photos for now, and you'll get a proper post on it in a couple of weeks - but how good is that landscape?! I also started getting my Abel & Cole boxes again. I'll be reviewing my juice box in a few weeks, but for now enjoy me trying to enjoy being nice and organic!

Of course, it was Halloween! So here's my lovely ghost shirt and my pumpkin socks. I also went to Harrods where I fell in love with this dress (but don't intend on paying the thousands to buy it any time soon), and I also went to see Kinky Boots which was a lot of fun.

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