Monday, 30 November 2015

Travel Blog; My Trip to Ireland

A few weeks ago I was given an extra day off work spontaneously, meaning I suddenly had four days off with no plans. So I decided to do the old fashioned thing of turning up at the airport and seeing where they'd let me go to over the next hour or two!

My choices within a low budget came down to Norway, Croatia and Ireland. All three being places that I was interested in visiting. Ultimately I decided against Norway being that it is cheap to fly there but super expensive in every other sense and I decided to maybe wait a bit later in the year til it's all pretty and snow covered. For Croatia I decided it was just plain the wrong time of year - and that left Ireland! In particular, Kerry, basing myself at Killarney.
This post is going to be mainly a bit of photo spam, with a little bit of commentary filled in.

So here's something I didn't know about Ireland. It's super pretty and scenic - but not in the way I expected! I don't know why, I expected loads of plain greens but it was anything but. It had a really varied landscape with lots to look at and was just so colourful!

In case you couldn't guess, the main thing I did in Ireland was just go on walks and hikes. Everything is so varied and it was just lovely to see.

The people are of course lovely. Very, very friendly people! I was also surprised at how difficult I could find them to understand, haha. I befriended an Italian girl while I was there, and she basically needed me to translate a lot of what was being said as she just couldn't get through the accent.

However, one of the highlights for me was going to this little rural pub with the guy from Luxembourg who happened to be in the same hostel room as me. It was a very friendly local place which we really enjoyed. We then felt a little out of our depth as it turned into a night club sort of feel from midnight - except instead of your typical dancing, everyone Irish danced to everything! It took a while for us to join in and even then for most of it we were just sort of bouncing around which we thought we'd worked out until an actual Irish person danced with us and we realised we still clearly had no idea what we were doing. So much fun though!

So there you have it - my mini trip to Ireland! I had a great time and will definitely be returning soon. I'd love to go back and spend longer just in Kerry, but plan to go a bit further afield this time! I was the only person I met there who was just there for a couple of days, everyone else had much longer plans and had generally been there for a while already so I'll be returning with a lot of ideas in mind!

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