Wednesday, 30 December 2015

My 2016 Goals: Blogging & Lifestyle

I'm a bit late to this whole goal posting malarkey for sure, but I think I needed a little longer to work out what I actually wanted to commit to. See, I'm one of those people that New Years Resolutions never really worked for. If I wanted to do it, I'd do it anyway whenever I felt like it, so the resolutions I'd set for myself were always things that I pretty much already knew I wouldn't be sticking with. So for my blogging and lifestyle goals, I wanted to make sure they were something I'd actually do, because I do fully intend on coming back to this post in six months and again in a year and I don't want every single goal to be followed by a giant FAIL sign!

So let's get on with it...

Blogging Goals
Take part in more Twitter chats
For this, I am going to set myself a grand total of three a month to take part in. And honestly, I know for most of you that sounds pretty rubbish, however with my rota it is MUCH harder for me to take part in these chats. I'm a shift worker, so I can't commit to a weekly chat, and on top of that my most frequent shift is an evening one which is obviously when most of them are on. I have had good luck with #ltbloggers and have loved hosting that chat before so I'd like to do this again more often in the future as sadly the evening ones tend to be out for me!

Reach 1500 followers on Twitter
This is quite a steep jump up as as we speak I'm on around 800. It's not quite doubling it, but it's not far off, so I'm not sure if I'm setting my goals way too high here! However, over the last few months I've become really active on Twitter and I've also noticed that my followers are pretty steadily increasing. I think Twitter is one of those things that once you have a certain amount of followers it suddenly becomes much easier to continue increasing that, so I hope to see that continue.

Reach 1000 followers on Bloglovin
This is another one that I'm not entirely sure is actually possible, as I know a lot of people don't really like to use Bloglovin anymore. Despite the fact that sometimes it seems to be trying hard to stop being so, it does remain my platform of choice, and I'd love to hit 1000 on there.

Have more blogging friends!
This one is exactly what it says and I guess can't be measured like the others can - but it's definitely something I'd like!

Continue posting consistently for the whole year
There's an exception to this - I'm going away for a bit in February, and though I'll schedule some posts in advance I probably won't fill up the whole time. If I go away at any other part of the year, the same will apply. BUT, for the most part I want to make sure I keep to my three times a year postings. Both 2014 and 2015 had a random blip where I just stopped wanting to post for a while, so I'm hoping to avoid this for 2016 as it makes it SO hard to come back from!

Lifestyle Goals
Go to the gym at least twice a week
While I do go to the gym frequently, it's not the most consistent. Well, it SORT of is. I go to the gym if I'm on an early shift, and I go on my days off if they don't fall on weekends. However, I'm on a new rota for a while which means I have more weekends off and am working more late shifts. I don't like going to the gym before work, however I think I'm going to have to start sucking it up and at least attend the shorter lunch time slots. So my aim is to attend the gym at least twice a week with the exception of the first week of January where I'm doing some horrendous hours! It doesn't matter if I go for spinning, for yoga, for whatever, I just have to go.

Keep at least one day free every two weeks for NOTHING AT ALL
Doesn't that sound like a ridiculous goal? I know, but I have a problem with feeling the need to really fill my time up. Especially now that I'm gaining more weekends it'll actually be harder to accomplish this one, but every now and then you just need a day where you don't do anything apart from sit around and maybe catch up with some reading or some game playing. I'd like to do this at least twice a month.

Cook at least twice a month
Again - doesn't this one sound ridiculous? My eating habits have got SO bad. I love eating out and that will never change, but my real problem is caused by work. We are rarely able to eat back in the office at work so I end up going and buying expensive lunches or dinners most days. Then, if I'm working a late shift I don't get home til midnight anyway and I definitely don't want to cook then. Cooking before work? Sounds sensible, but I can tell you I won't. This is looking a bit more positive now as we have a new freezer so there's a lot more space so I can go back to batch cooking like I did when I was on a much more consistent schedule. I am going to aim to cook at least twice a month (By that I'm not including oven pizzas or ready meals or even reheating of meals!) and hopefully get back into the habit.

So, there you have it, my blogging and lifestyle goals for 2016! How do these line up with yours?

Monday, 28 December 2015

Ten Things I'm Really Good At

Recently I've become quite a negative person, and as much as I enjoy a good rant I do think it's important to every now and then take the time to celebrate the things that you can do. This doesn't necessarily mean that every time I say anything negative about myself or my inabilities I'm feeling bad about myself - as to be honest, I do have a sense of humour about it and I do genuinely find some of my failings really quite funny. But, here's 10 things that I AM actually good at...

  1. Understanding people. I think I'm pretty good at reading people and relating to them. I might not think that they're right or that their opinions necessarily make sense, but I'm really good at putting myself in the other persons shoes to work out why they're acting in the way that they are or how they might be feeling about something.
  2. Talking to people. In general, people tend to like me. I have a lot of confidence in talking to people and getting them on my side - which I think is why I have such a massive variety in my friendship groups! My best friends vary from 19 year olds to 43 year olds, with careers varying from apprentices to senior lawyers.
  3. Interacting with children. Children love me. Babies however, are unsure of me, but I'm equally unsure of them so it goes both ways! Of course this one is sort of a learned skill being that I worked in education for such a long time, but still something I'm proud of!
  4. Restaurant picking. There's got to be some advantages from eating out all the time right? Tell me your price range and a few key words or a cuisine, I will find you your perfect restaurant in a matter of minutes.
  5. Styling people. I seem to do this with male friends and co-workers quite a lot recently. You need a new outfit? I will take you and we will get you one in minutes. Give me half an hour and you'll be leaving with three. And they will all suit you perfectly.
  6. Travel planning - but only for myself! I have always been a very last minute traveller and I tend to go on my own. My main method is to turn up at the airport or decide the day before where I fancy going and go from there. I'm pretty good at travelling in general to be honest, although that does of course come from experience!
  7. Planning in general! I am that friend who does all the organising. I will remember that I haven't seen you in a while and do you want to meet up? And this sounds like fun, why don't we do this? Nine times out of ten people do agree so I THINK they want to do it, but when I'm the only planner I do occasionally wonder if it's mutual!
  8. Baking, I suck at cooking, but baking? I'm amazing at. I will make you adorable cupcakes. I will use my leftovers to somehow make you some special cookies. But I will NOT decorate them, because that I am most definitely NOT good at!
  9. Anecdotes. I tell a damn good anecdote. I have stories that I like to share, but I know not to one-up people. But mostly, my stories are probably not all that interesting, but I'm just damn good at telling them and making them sound awesome. You can probably thank working in education for this one, too!
  10. Photography - if it includes a live subject! If you want a photo of yourself or your animal, I am the person you should be calling. Everything else I can DO but I'll struggle with and take more preperation time. Want a picture of your baby? No problem.
So, that's my list of 10 things I think I'm really good at - what's on yours? :)


Friday, 25 December 2015

Follow Friday 002

Welcome to the second week of Follow Friday - a weekly look at my favourite blog posts and some blog recommendations :) Hopefully you've been liking the idea of this series as I love being able to stumble across new blogs and posts and equally love sharing what I've found - so hopefully you're getting some new discoveries out of it too!

001.This post is actually from last week, but it felt a better fit in this weeks' Follow Friday instead for some reason. Amber has been doing a series of beautiful dresses in the run up to Christmas, but I thought this purple dress was just absolutely perfect.

002. Carrie posted a typically gorgeous photoshoot, and whilst the whole thing looked great one item stuck out to me more than any other - the apple bag! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It's one of those bags that truthfully I know I would literally never take out of the house with me but I would buy anyway because look how pretty?

003. Jennifer has made a post about rose gold beauty products which couldn't be better timed! I was eyeing the rose gold trend quite suspiciously as I really didn't like the rose gold iphones and then every other brand seemed to be jumping on it too. I ended up buying a rose gold smartwatch purely because that was the only colour they had in female sizes and wasn't really sure how I'd feel about it - but actually loved it! So there's a trend I think doesn't photograph massively well but does look pretty awesome in reality. So if you're into it and would love to see what makeup is available to match - take a look here!

004. Hayley has posted a really thoughtful and interesting post about the trends of 2015 and how they lined up with her predictions. This was a really interesting read, that frankly any summary I write will not do justice - you'll just have to go and take a look yourself!

005. Amy made a post of her 10 favourite books she read this year. Firstly, I agreed with pretty much all of the books on this list (no matter how hard I try I can not enjoy Fan Girl) but I also just thought her descriptions and explanations about what she thought of the books were just so spot on!

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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2015 - Week Three

We're nearly at the end of my Body Shop advent calendar - but let's take a look at what I got in the penultimate week? (By the way, while we're on the topic, I definitely don't get to use the word 'penultimate' enough) 

 Blatantly I'm delighted to get this. I absolutely love Body Shop shower gels, possibly even slightly more than I love their perfumes. And I bloody love the Frosted Plum range, so of course I was very happy to see this behind one of the doors! I mean, in retrospect maybe I should have just bought me a bottle of this and saved £75 on the calendar, but you live and you learn...

 Next day brought a Vitamin E moisture cream and I was super excited to see this as well. If you read my product empties post the other week you'll know that I love this range, and though this isn't quite the same product as the one I just used up, I trust this range enough to know that I'm going to absolutely love it!

 This week is just bloody fantastic, isn't it?! I needed a new eyeshadow brush, so this was great timing as it's exactly the style that I like as well. I've not used any of The Body Shop's make up brushes before so I don't actually know how good the range is but I'm feeling pretty optimistic about this one.

 Next up is this lovely little eyeshadow. This is a good quality product, it's well pigmented and it comes off a little brighter than you'd expect. My younger self would be infuriated with me as pretty much all I wear these days is browns and other natural colours so I was really happy to see this one, especially as it's a lighter tone than most of what I own right now. I'll definitely be getting some use out of this one!

  The first disappointment of the week, but even then it's not a massive disappointment. This is the third body butter that they've included, and I do get it as they are obviously one of TBS's best selling products, it's just, I use these products really slowly (to the extent I still have three from last year) and so I definitely didn't need three of them. I'm not actually entirely sure of the range this one is from, it's very strong smelling but it's still a nice scent. I'm sure I'll get around to using this one eventually but for now it is going to The Drawer Of Future Products.

 Next up is a honey lip balm. I know I've said before that despite having a large collection of TBS lip products, I don't actually think they're all that great. Well, I'm actually pretty optimistic about this one being that bee products are obviously generally full of ingredients that are great for your lips! It's going in my collection either way, but I'm hoping I'll find this one to be beneficial.

And finally, a Body Shop mascara! I don't honestly know anything about this product as I've had no reason to buy a mascara recently being that I bought an excessive amount of Benefit's They're Real and exclusively use it. That being said, I'm still keeping this one and I am thinking maybe I should mix up my eyelash look a bit more (although, by the way, I've recently discovered Benefit's eyelash primer and it makes my eyes look SO GOOD. Anyway, that's a story for another day) so I think this is going to be getting used a lot sooner than expected.

  So, that's week three! What did you guys think? I'm actually super pleased with this weeks goodies, there are so many products in there that I'm really excited about using and many that I think are going to become part of my main item useage. A very good week, and hopefully the final week will be just as good!

Tuesday, 22 December 2015


  So if you haven't seen already, I recently set up a little forum called which launched yesterday evening. Admittedly, a really bad time to launch it when it was so close to Christmas, but I got excited and got everything set up faster than I expected to so sort of just went for it!

  BloggerChat is a little forum for all bloggers that I'm hoping will be a more streamlined way to have chats and find the information you need.

  To start with, it's got sections for all types of blogs and bloggers. For example, there's a forum for lifestyle blogs, for travel blogs - and you don't have to stick to blogging chat in those areas! There's also blog lists under each category where you can get your blog listed so other people can find you easily. Perhaps my favourite part is that each section also has a "Check out my newest post!" section, where you can add a link to your latest post. I'm hoping that this will be a good way to find new posts to read without getting lost in the scheduled spam that Twitter sometimes produces! When we get a bit bigger, we'll be running a little Post of the Month section in each category to hopefully get even more promotion over to your blog!

  It's also got sections to promote your giveaways, sections to promote or discuss blogging meet ups and events, and sections to find people to collaborate with or who might be interested in doing a guest post on your blog.

  And of course, being a forum, there's lots of space to just chat with other bloggers too :-) Which is great if you're like me and tend to be busy in the evenings so miss all the Twitter chats, or if you're a newer blogger who's struggling to get noticed.

  I think it'll be a lot of fun and hopefully a great resource to find new blogs, connect with other bloggers, and get your content seen. But of course, I can't do it without your help! It's really hard getting a site like this launched as everyone wants to see a big userbase already, but obviously that can't happen without a few people signing up first so I'd love it if you came and signed up and got started posting - and a cheeky tweet letting people know about the site would be helpful too ;)

  Hope to see you over there :-)

Monday, 21 December 2015

20 First World Problems that All Bloggers Face

01. When a new package arrives that you really, really want to open, but you can't because you need to take photos of it first. Then, having all the excitement ruined by the time you've finally got around to taking the photos.

02. Who are all these bloggers with all their beautiful spaces and their beautiful props? I've got one area that is suitable for taking photos. For about two hours per day before it gets too dark.

03. Weather. Stupid photo ruining weather that makes all my photos look crap and dark.

04. Why has this blog been going for just under a year and already has 450% more followers than I've ever had?!

05. Bloglovin, why don't you want to work for me? What did I ever do to you? Why are you hiding posts from me and then suddenly chucking them at me all at once? And what are you even DOING to the Activity page?

06. Should I change my plans so that I can make it to a Twitter chat for the first time this month?

07. Not having enough money to do anything, because some blogger pointed out that this awesome new bag existed so OBVIOUSLY I had to buy it.

08. Why is that now out in three new colours when I only just bought it? And why are all of those colours superior?

09. I want beautiful floral backgrounds but I can't keep a plant alive for more than three weeks. And I have TRIED.

10. Look at all these beautiful restaurants that exist on the other side of the world! This isn't fair.

11. Having friends look disdainfully at you as you insist on photographing each course. Particularly after you've insisted that they absolutely do not start eating before you, as that would just not be fair.

12. My life is too busy = no time for blogging. My life is too quiet = nothing to actually blog about.

13. I wish I had a niche.

14. I need a blog schedule to actually be consistent and make sure that I post. But then by the time the comes around, I no longer want to blog about any of the things I had scheduled in. But if there's nothing there, then I won't actually write anything.

15. The blog posts that I love, nobody cares about. The blog posts that people want to see more of are the ones that I didn't enjoy writing in the first place.

16. I want a gang of blogger buddies :(

17. I now need to buy a Happiness Planner, even though I know I'll probably forget to use it after three weeks.

18. I want all of the beauty boxes, even though from experience I know that I'll just end up with this massive pile of products slowly taking over the corner of my room.

19. I wish I could knit. Or cook. OR HAVE TALENTS.

20. Why are bloggers all so pretty, gosh.

What's your biggest first world blogging problem?

Friday, 18 December 2015

Follow Friday

Welcome to a new weekly feature here on Pink Confetti, simply known as Follow Friday!

You know I'm all about the blog love and I have long liked to share my favourite links and posts through my Twitter - well, I decided to take this a step further and start to also include a weekly look at my favourite posts that I've found on other blogs each week. I hope you enjoy having a look through and finding some new posts or blogs to read!

01. Amber let her husband do her make up this week in what I thought was definitely one of the funniest posts I've read this month. This post also really made me think about how much my make up style has changed over the years - and the fact that I absolutely hate anyone touching my face! Anyone going near my eye area is a complete no go to begin with, but I've had friends put moisturiser on me before and even that has just felt so cringey. 

02. Hannah reminded me of the times I used to spend carefully studying the Argos catalogue in the run up to Christmas - in particular, of my love of those make up boxes with about a million different compartments and the joy of making neon green and pink pyramid candles out of crayons!

03. I love a good subscription box and it makes me slightly sad that I'm not signed up to any at the moment, even though there's a few I'm pretty consistently eyeing up. Therefore I really loved Jennie's post, which summed up the year in beauty boxes by looking at what Glossy Box and Birch Box have brought out this year. This sort of post is just plain one I particularly enjoy reading, but I reckon this would be especially useful if you're considering signing up to one of the two. 

04. As much as it absolutely baffles me when people have the ability to take these beautiful blog photographs with all sorts of props and all of the perfect angles - I definitely do appreciate looking at the outcome! Therefore I enjoyed Lily's post, which looked at a day dedicated to blogging.

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2015 - Week Two

Time to continue our tour of what came in my Body Shop advent calendar by taking a look at what came in the second week! As a reminder, the box I got was the bigger version, because hey, I probably deserved a treat that week or something.

 Day 8 brought us some eyelash curlers! I'm actually like, really pleased to have these. I haven't owned eyelash curlers in years and years and years and I suppose while I don't really need to have them, I wouldn't mind owning a set. I wear makeup so rarely and minimally but my eyelashes tend to be the one part of my face that actually looks good, so I was pleased to come across these. However I haven't actually used them yet! Every time I've gone to try them I can't remember if they go before or after mascara and am never in a place to look this up!

 Another from the green tea range, this time it's a body exfoliator. I haven't owned a body exfoliater in a really long time either and I'm glad that it's from this range as the Green Tea range is one that I think is absolutely lovely. This is a nice product, the scent is of course great and the texture of the product is exactly what I'd want from a body product. So this one is definitely making it straight into the bathroom!

 This Elderflower eye gel is an example of a product that I wouldn't even think to buy myself, but that I'm glad I have. It's a little eye gel that you dab on around your eyes and improves the appearance. I'm really bad at remembering to use a product like this with any sort of consistency, but I think this is a product that I'll use (and have been using!) on the days when I just look particularly tired. It's got a very gooey texture to it so it's not the most pleasant to have around your eyes, but obviously it also doesn't stay there for too long so it doesn't really matter.

 Love this. LOVE THIS. Another body butter, but this time from the absolutely wonderful frosted plum range which is absolutely perfect. Last year my favourite was the gorgeous apple range, this year I think the plum range has definitely taken the lead which is odd as this was a scent I wouldn't even really think about. I really hope there ends up being more from this range in this calendar, as otherwise I'm blatantly going to have to go out and buy the entire set come Boxing day.

 Day 12 brought this Almond hand and nail cream. I don't actually own any hand cream as for the most part my hands have always remained ridiculously soft and pretty looking despite the fact that I treat them appallingly and make them deal with all sorts of nonsense. However, this product is still a nice one to have and one that I'm glad I own. I can't say I'm going to use it with any sort of consistency but I think for the winter in particular I'll try and get into the habit of using it more often, even if it's just to keep in my locker at work to try and remember to use when I've finished a shift.

 Day 13 brought this mysterious little bottle called Oils of Life. A quick look at the website suggests that this is a intensely revitalizing facial oil, which works to make your skin look more radiant, revived, retialized and renourished. I haven't actually given this product a try yet but it's definitely one I'm looking forward to using.

And finally for this week, day 14 brought with it this honey soap with a cute little bee on the front. As much as I absolutely adore all of The Body Shop's shower gels, I don't really use the regular bar soaps as I have nowhere really to put them and they'll just end up getting lost and making stains somewhere! However I am going to make an effort to use this one when my shower gel collection has reduced somewhat.

Overall, I preferred this week to the former week as there was much more variety to it and I felt that this week was introducing me to all sorts of products that I probably wouldn't have bought myself but am interested to try out.

Which product was your favourite? How are all of you with beauty advent calendars enjoying your purchases?
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