Monday, 21 December 2015

20 First World Problems that All Bloggers Face

01. When a new package arrives that you really, really want to open, but you can't because you need to take photos of it first. Then, having all the excitement ruined by the time you've finally got around to taking the photos.

02. Who are all these bloggers with all their beautiful spaces and their beautiful props? I've got one area that is suitable for taking photos. For about two hours per day before it gets too dark.

03. Weather. Stupid photo ruining weather that makes all my photos look crap and dark.

04. Why has this blog been going for just under a year and already has 450% more followers than I've ever had?!

05. Bloglovin, why don't you want to work for me? What did I ever do to you? Why are you hiding posts from me and then suddenly chucking them at me all at once? And what are you even DOING to the Activity page?

06. Should I change my plans so that I can make it to a Twitter chat for the first time this month?

07. Not having enough money to do anything, because some blogger pointed out that this awesome new bag existed so OBVIOUSLY I had to buy it.

08. Why is that now out in three new colours when I only just bought it? And why are all of those colours superior?

09. I want beautiful floral backgrounds but I can't keep a plant alive for more than three weeks. And I have TRIED.

10. Look at all these beautiful restaurants that exist on the other side of the world! This isn't fair.

11. Having friends look disdainfully at you as you insist on photographing each course. Particularly after you've insisted that they absolutely do not start eating before you, as that would just not be fair.

12. My life is too busy = no time for blogging. My life is too quiet = nothing to actually blog about.

13. I wish I had a niche.

14. I need a blog schedule to actually be consistent and make sure that I post. But then by the time the comes around, I no longer want to blog about any of the things I had scheduled in. But if there's nothing there, then I won't actually write anything.

15. The blog posts that I love, nobody cares about. The blog posts that people want to see more of are the ones that I didn't enjoy writing in the first place.

16. I want a gang of blogger buddies :(

17. I now need to buy a Happiness Planner, even though I know I'll probably forget to use it after three weeks.

18. I want all of the beauty boxes, even though from experience I know that I'll just end up with this massive pile of products slowly taking over the corner of my room.

19. I wish I could knit. Or cook. OR HAVE TALENTS.

20. Why are bloggers all so pretty, gosh.

What's your biggest first world blogging problem?

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