Friday, 25 December 2015

Follow Friday 002

Welcome to the second week of Follow Friday - a weekly look at my favourite blog posts and some blog recommendations :) Hopefully you've been liking the idea of this series as I love being able to stumble across new blogs and posts and equally love sharing what I've found - so hopefully you're getting some new discoveries out of it too!

001.This post is actually from last week, but it felt a better fit in this weeks' Follow Friday instead for some reason. Amber has been doing a series of beautiful dresses in the run up to Christmas, but I thought this purple dress was just absolutely perfect.

002. Carrie posted a typically gorgeous photoshoot, and whilst the whole thing looked great one item stuck out to me more than any other - the apple bag! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It's one of those bags that truthfully I know I would literally never take out of the house with me but I would buy anyway because look how pretty?

003. Jennifer has made a post about rose gold beauty products which couldn't be better timed! I was eyeing the rose gold trend quite suspiciously as I really didn't like the rose gold iphones and then every other brand seemed to be jumping on it too. I ended up buying a rose gold smartwatch purely because that was the only colour they had in female sizes and wasn't really sure how I'd feel about it - but actually loved it! So there's a trend I think doesn't photograph massively well but does look pretty awesome in reality. So if you're into it and would love to see what makeup is available to match - take a look here!

004. Hayley has posted a really thoughtful and interesting post about the trends of 2015 and how they lined up with her predictions. This was a really interesting read, that frankly any summary I write will not do justice - you'll just have to go and take a look yourself!

005. Amy made a post of her 10 favourite books she read this year. Firstly, I agreed with pretty much all of the books on this list (no matter how hard I try I can not enjoy Fan Girl) but I also just thought her descriptions and explanations about what she thought of the books were just so spot on!

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