Friday, 18 December 2015

Follow Friday

Welcome to a new weekly feature here on Pink Confetti, simply known as Follow Friday!

You know I'm all about the blog love and I have long liked to share my favourite links and posts through my Twitter - well, I decided to take this a step further and start to also include a weekly look at my favourite posts that I've found on other blogs each week. I hope you enjoy having a look through and finding some new posts or blogs to read!

01. Amber let her husband do her make up this week in what I thought was definitely one of the funniest posts I've read this month. This post also really made me think about how much my make up style has changed over the years - and the fact that I absolutely hate anyone touching my face! Anyone going near my eye area is a complete no go to begin with, but I've had friends put moisturiser on me before and even that has just felt so cringey. 

02. Hannah reminded me of the times I used to spend carefully studying the Argos catalogue in the run up to Christmas - in particular, of my love of those make up boxes with about a million different compartments and the joy of making neon green and pink pyramid candles out of crayons!

03. I love a good subscription box and it makes me slightly sad that I'm not signed up to any at the moment, even though there's a few I'm pretty consistently eyeing up. Therefore I really loved Jennie's post, which summed up the year in beauty boxes by looking at what Glossy Box and Birch Box have brought out this year. This sort of post is just plain one I particularly enjoy reading, but I reckon this would be especially useful if you're considering signing up to one of the two. 

04. As much as it absolutely baffles me when people have the ability to take these beautiful blog photographs with all sorts of props and all of the perfect angles - I definitely do appreciate looking at the outcome! Therefore I enjoyed Lily's post, which looked at a day dedicated to blogging.

Want to be included?
In order to be in my Follow Friday posts, you just need to have written a blog post that I've come across and enjoyed reading. That's it! Of course the blog posts that I read tend to be from blogs I already follow or that I see mentioned through Bloglovin or Twitter, but I'm always looking around for new blogs and posts to have a look at so you've still got a good chance of being included even if I don't follow you anywhere. If you'd like a guaranteed inclusion, check out my advertising packages, here!

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