Monday, 14 December 2015

Product Empties

This is the first product empties post I've ever done. And honestly, it'll probably be the only one for at least another year or two - I just do not use up products. I don't. I don't wear make up that often, and when I do I tend to replace it for something else. I wear a lot of perfume, but I own way too many of them and they last me for years as I use them all so interchangeably. So, if something is on this post, you can tell I really really liked it.

001. GOSH BB Powder 
I originally bought this product for the very simple reason that it happened to be the exact right colour for my skintone. Simple enough, right? I brushed some on to my hand and couldn't see even a little bit of it. I assumed it was just a basically transparent product but then put a little bit of it on my friend who is a similar tone to me and it was so obvious on her that I knew that THIS was my product. And I've got a lot of use out of it! I don't know if it really does what it claims to, but I use it more as a really light foundation. It's not something you'd use if you have skin problems you want to cover up, but for just a little bit of colour and coverage I think it's great.

002. Benefit - They're Real mascara
It's funny that I ended up liking this, as when I went and bought it I wasn't sure. I set off to Benefit wanting this mascara because all the reviews I read were so good. The lady at the store offered to do a demonstration on me but I didn't have time for that, so she showed me one of their promo pictures instead. And it honestly looked HORRIBLE. It looked awful. Of course no one would think that looked real because who would do their lashes to look so nasty? Luckily, Benefit just have poor taste in promo pictures because the actual product is brilliant. It looks great, you don't need to use very much, and it lasts a long time. It's not waterproof, but it doesn't come off with tears either and I never get any spillage from when I forget and rub my eyes. I liked this so much that when another store later on did a promotion on this mascara I bought three of them. Really.
003. Too Faced - Natural Eye Palette
I feel like I'm cheating just a little bit by including this in my empties selection, as I haven't actually used all of the colours in this palette. Or even most of them. Too Faced palettes are split into different looks, in this case, three of them. I have used all of the top 'look' (three colours) and I am so tempted to buy another set just so I can get more of those three colours. They make a really gorgeous look when you follow the little guide for it and are just such lovely and natural colours. I honestly prefer these colours to anything you get in the likes of a Naked palette and I do think they are better lasting. A little bit specific, but the final colour in this set is one that you use basically as an eyeliner and I found that this colour is absolutely perfect for this in terms of texture - it goes on smoothly but without going everywhere and is really long lasting.

004. The Body Shop - Vitamin E Moisturiser
So, I actually didn't deliberatley set out to buy this product. They had a new Vitamin E range out and I really wanted their... I don't even know what it's called, that's how much I used it. Some sort of product with a dropper to it that I think was a night oil or something. Either way, for something like £3 extra I could get this cream as well, so I went for that option - and I'm so glad I did! This cream is lovely and thick and really great for colder weather. Despite being an intense cream it has never brought me out in spots or caused me to feel clogged up either!

Which products have you used up recently?


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