Monday, 28 December 2015

Ten Things I'm Really Good At

Recently I've become quite a negative person, and as much as I enjoy a good rant I do think it's important to every now and then take the time to celebrate the things that you can do. This doesn't necessarily mean that every time I say anything negative about myself or my inabilities I'm feeling bad about myself - as to be honest, I do have a sense of humour about it and I do genuinely find some of my failings really quite funny. But, here's 10 things that I AM actually good at...

  1. Understanding people. I think I'm pretty good at reading people and relating to them. I might not think that they're right or that their opinions necessarily make sense, but I'm really good at putting myself in the other persons shoes to work out why they're acting in the way that they are or how they might be feeling about something.
  2. Talking to people. In general, people tend to like me. I have a lot of confidence in talking to people and getting them on my side - which I think is why I have such a massive variety in my friendship groups! My best friends vary from 19 year olds to 43 year olds, with careers varying from apprentices to senior lawyers.
  3. Interacting with children. Children love me. Babies however, are unsure of me, but I'm equally unsure of them so it goes both ways! Of course this one is sort of a learned skill being that I worked in education for such a long time, but still something I'm proud of!
  4. Restaurant picking. There's got to be some advantages from eating out all the time right? Tell me your price range and a few key words or a cuisine, I will find you your perfect restaurant in a matter of minutes.
  5. Styling people. I seem to do this with male friends and co-workers quite a lot recently. You need a new outfit? I will take you and we will get you one in minutes. Give me half an hour and you'll be leaving with three. And they will all suit you perfectly.
  6. Travel planning - but only for myself! I have always been a very last minute traveller and I tend to go on my own. My main method is to turn up at the airport or decide the day before where I fancy going and go from there. I'm pretty good at travelling in general to be honest, although that does of course come from experience!
  7. Planning in general! I am that friend who does all the organising. I will remember that I haven't seen you in a while and do you want to meet up? And this sounds like fun, why don't we do this? Nine times out of ten people do agree so I THINK they want to do it, but when I'm the only planner I do occasionally wonder if it's mutual!
  8. Baking, I suck at cooking, but baking? I'm amazing at. I will make you adorable cupcakes. I will use my leftovers to somehow make you some special cookies. But I will NOT decorate them, because that I am most definitely NOT good at!
  9. Anecdotes. I tell a damn good anecdote. I have stories that I like to share, but I know not to one-up people. But mostly, my stories are probably not all that interesting, but I'm just damn good at telling them and making them sound awesome. You can probably thank working in education for this one, too!
  10. Photography - if it includes a live subject! If you want a photo of yourself or your animal, I am the person you should be calling. Everything else I can DO but I'll struggle with and take more preperation time. Want a picture of your baby? No problem.
So, that's my list of 10 things I think I'm really good at - what's on yours? :)


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