Friday, 11 December 2015

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2015; Week One

 As you may know from my little guide to beauty advent calendars, this year I decided to buy myself The Body Shop's offering. I was super disapponited last year as I really wanted one but couldn't make my mind up on whether to get one or not - then when I finally decided that I DID want one, it was too late and everything was sold out. So this year, I decided to buy The Body Shop's calendar as they are my favourite brand so it just made sense! They released two sizes, and I went for the bigger one.

 Which looks something like this!
 And opens up into this! So, let's have a look at what I thought about the little goodies in week one, shall we?

 The first product was this super pretty nail polish. I actually really, really love the colour of this polish, it's so pretty and versatile. Unfortunately, I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to wear it! Because I can't have even a trace of nail polish at work I pretty much only wear Little Ondine's stuff, but this varnish is so pretty that I'm going to keep it anyway because I will make sure I find a time I can wear it at some point!

 Next up is this strawberry lip balm. I love the strawberry scent, but unfortunately I always find The Body Shop's lip balms just aren't that great. I say that with much sadness as I own a good 8 of them I think as they smell so good I just want to keep giving them chances! This one has made it's way into my handbag anyway and I was using it just today. I do like it, but you have to put on quite a few layers to feel any benefit from it and even then I wouldn't say it lasted very long.

 Next up is this body butter from their lovely green tea range. I think this is a really nice range as it's got such a sweet smell to it. Normally I use the really strong scents but I also really like this range as it's nice to have a subtler product every now and then! Of course, it's a body butter and it works as brilliantly as The Body Shop's butters always do! This one now lives on my bedside table as my feet keep getting super dry in the cold so it's already been getting a lot of use.

 Day four brought this duo eye definer. I don't actually use eye liner so I was initially disappointed with this offering, however I've decided to keep it anyway and will give it a try some time. I personally prefer a much more subtle look with my eye liner so I exclusively use brown eyeshadows as liners, but I will be giving this one a go at some point.

 Next up is this shower gel in Frosted Cranberry. I LOVE The Body Shops' shower gels. In my bathroom right now I've got four on the go, and there's probably some more lurking around in gym bags somewhere. I was initially a little disappointed as for some reason I remember not liking the Frosted Cranberry range that much, but I think either I was completely wrong or they've improved upon the scent this year as it's a really nice and very Christmassy scent.

 Day six bought this little cleaner. I don't have too much to say about this, apart from that it will be going into my bathroom!

Day seven bought this eyeliner. You know what I'm going to say about this! I was a little disappointed to receive two eyeliners so close together when it's not a product that I wear. While I definitely think I'll be giving the pencil one a go, I know I won't be using this one as I only like subtle eyeliners so something like this will be too dark for me and I'm definitely too old to be learning how to apply it anyway...! However, this is something that my housemate will enjoy so I'll be passing it on to her.

So that's week one - what did you think so far?

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