Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2015 - Week Two

Time to continue our tour of what came in my Body Shop advent calendar by taking a look at what came in the second week! As a reminder, the box I got was the bigger version, because hey, I probably deserved a treat that week or something.

 Day 8 brought us some eyelash curlers! I'm actually like, really pleased to have these. I haven't owned eyelash curlers in years and years and years and I suppose while I don't really need to have them, I wouldn't mind owning a set. I wear makeup so rarely and minimally but my eyelashes tend to be the one part of my face that actually looks good, so I was pleased to come across these. However I haven't actually used them yet! Every time I've gone to try them I can't remember if they go before or after mascara and am never in a place to look this up!

 Another from the green tea range, this time it's a body exfoliator. I haven't owned a body exfoliater in a really long time either and I'm glad that it's from this range as the Green Tea range is one that I think is absolutely lovely. This is a nice product, the scent is of course great and the texture of the product is exactly what I'd want from a body product. So this one is definitely making it straight into the bathroom!

 This Elderflower eye gel is an example of a product that I wouldn't even think to buy myself, but that I'm glad I have. It's a little eye gel that you dab on around your eyes and improves the appearance. I'm really bad at remembering to use a product like this with any sort of consistency, but I think this is a product that I'll use (and have been using!) on the days when I just look particularly tired. It's got a very gooey texture to it so it's not the most pleasant to have around your eyes, but obviously it also doesn't stay there for too long so it doesn't really matter.

 Love this. LOVE THIS. Another body butter, but this time from the absolutely wonderful frosted plum range which is absolutely perfect. Last year my favourite was the gorgeous apple range, this year I think the plum range has definitely taken the lead which is odd as this was a scent I wouldn't even really think about. I really hope there ends up being more from this range in this calendar, as otherwise I'm blatantly going to have to go out and buy the entire set come Boxing day.

 Day 12 brought this Almond hand and nail cream. I don't actually own any hand cream as for the most part my hands have always remained ridiculously soft and pretty looking despite the fact that I treat them appallingly and make them deal with all sorts of nonsense. However, this product is still a nice one to have and one that I'm glad I own. I can't say I'm going to use it with any sort of consistency but I think for the winter in particular I'll try and get into the habit of using it more often, even if it's just to keep in my locker at work to try and remember to use when I've finished a shift.

 Day 13 brought this mysterious little bottle called Oils of Life. A quick look at the website suggests that this is a intensely revitalizing facial oil, which works to make your skin look more radiant, revived, retialized and renourished. I haven't actually given this product a try yet but it's definitely one I'm looking forward to using.

And finally for this week, day 14 brought with it this honey soap with a cute little bee on the front. As much as I absolutely adore all of The Body Shop's shower gels, I don't really use the regular bar soaps as I have nowhere really to put them and they'll just end up getting lost and making stains somewhere! However I am going to make an effort to use this one when my shower gel collection has reduced somewhat.

Overall, I preferred this week to the former week as there was much more variety to it and I felt that this week was introducing me to all sorts of products that I probably wouldn't have bought myself but am interested to try out.

Which product was your favourite? How are all of you with beauty advent calendars enjoying your purchases?

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