Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2015 - Week Three

We're nearly at the end of my Body Shop advent calendar - but let's take a look at what I got in the penultimate week? (By the way, while we're on the topic, I definitely don't get to use the word 'penultimate' enough) 

 Blatantly I'm delighted to get this. I absolutely love Body Shop shower gels, possibly even slightly more than I love their perfumes. And I bloody love the Frosted Plum range, so of course I was very happy to see this behind one of the doors! I mean, in retrospect maybe I should have just bought me a bottle of this and saved £75 on the calendar, but you live and you learn...

 Next day brought a Vitamin E moisture cream and I was super excited to see this as well. If you read my product empties post the other week you'll know that I love this range, and though this isn't quite the same product as the one I just used up, I trust this range enough to know that I'm going to absolutely love it!

 This week is just bloody fantastic, isn't it?! I needed a new eyeshadow brush, so this was great timing as it's exactly the style that I like as well. I've not used any of The Body Shop's make up brushes before so I don't actually know how good the range is but I'm feeling pretty optimistic about this one.

 Next up is this lovely little eyeshadow. This is a good quality product, it's well pigmented and it comes off a little brighter than you'd expect. My younger self would be infuriated with me as pretty much all I wear these days is browns and other natural colours so I was really happy to see this one, especially as it's a lighter tone than most of what I own right now. I'll definitely be getting some use out of this one!

  The first disappointment of the week, but even then it's not a massive disappointment. This is the third body butter that they've included, and I do get it as they are obviously one of TBS's best selling products, it's just, I use these products really slowly (to the extent I still have three from last year) and so I definitely didn't need three of them. I'm not actually entirely sure of the range this one is from, it's very strong smelling but it's still a nice scent. I'm sure I'll get around to using this one eventually but for now it is going to The Drawer Of Future Products.

 Next up is a honey lip balm. I know I've said before that despite having a large collection of TBS lip products, I don't actually think they're all that great. Well, I'm actually pretty optimistic about this one being that bee products are obviously generally full of ingredients that are great for your lips! It's going in my collection either way, but I'm hoping I'll find this one to be beneficial.

And finally, a Body Shop mascara! I don't honestly know anything about this product as I've had no reason to buy a mascara recently being that I bought an excessive amount of Benefit's They're Real and exclusively use it. That being said, I'm still keeping this one and I am thinking maybe I should mix up my eyelash look a bit more (although, by the way, I've recently discovered Benefit's eyelash primer and it makes my eyes look SO GOOD. Anyway, that's a story for another day) so I think this is going to be getting used a lot sooner than expected.

  So, that's week three! What did you guys think? I'm actually super pleased with this weeks goodies, there are so many products in there that I'm really excited about using and many that I think are going to become part of my main item useage. A very good week, and hopefully the final week will be just as good!

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