Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Body Shop Make Up Reviews: Fresh Nude Foundation and Concealer All in One!

 Before I get started, I can only apologise for the awful lighting in these photos. #firstworldbloggerissues right? I ended up taking these on a really miserable day as my housemates' parents were coming to stay and I knew they would take over the house and then leave it super messy for a while so I wouldn't have another chance to take them. So you'll just have to deal with them. Sorry.

Anyway, introducing you to The Body Shop's Fresh Nude Foundation in Chelsea Porcelain. I was intrigued about this product as I'm really not a fan of foundation generally. It never matches my skin. It always goes flaky or streaky or just plain weird. It always probably makes my spots look worse than they were to begin with and most of all I just can't stand the feeling of it on my skin. I am CONSTANTLY aware of it. So when I first heard about this foundation I was intrigued to give it a go, and have been using it for around a month now.

The first thing I will say about this product is that it comes in a good variety of shades - and this one happens to match me perfectly! And for the first time ever pretty much, I don't hate how this foundation feels on my skin. It feels more like a tinted moisturiser when you put it on really, and after that makes your skin feel ever so lovely and soft. It's hard to describe it but it really does improve the texture of your skin while you're wearing it. The one thing I find a bit difficult with this foundation is the fact that it feels quite thick as you're putting it on (but definitely not bulky on the face, I'm really not aware of the feel of this one throughout the day) but you still need to wear a fairly good moisturiser underneath it or I've found it doesn't apply properly at all.

The coverage of this foundation is pretty light, but that's perfect for me. It really looks very natural, but leaves your skin looking much improved. As I've mentioned on Twitter a few times, I'm impressed by how it's so light and yet still makes me look much better!

Whilst buying my foundation, I also decided to pick up The Body Shop's Concealer All in One. This product is advertised as high coverage, easy to blend and light weight, though as always with concealers I bought this one pretty much purely because it matches my skin tone - and that's obviously the most important thing!

When it comes to the claims, I will have to disagree slightly though. It's definitely light weight - it goes on really smoothly and applies easily. It's definitely easy to blend - it matches really well and stays soft for longer than other concealers do which gives me a bit longer to get it blended in and matching the surrounding skin. However, I really wouldn't consider this one high coverage. In general I don't have any spots however I do have a few light scars from years ago and I struggle to cover them up with this concealer. It's a shame as it is a really nice product and it's so easy to use and blend, however I have to put on a fair few layers to cover up the scarring which is disappointing when they are very faded now.

 The concealer costs £8.50 and the foundation costs £15. Both available in stores and online from The Body Shop!


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